Turn Your Pop ‘N Go Playpen into a Travel Crib

All parents love products that can serve in more ways than one. We love providing you with different ideas and ways you can utilize your Pop ‘N Go Playpen!

From transforming this playpen into an epic fort, giving your child their very own homemade ball pit, or letting it serve as a personalized sand box for pool days, there’s no doubt that this pop-up play yard allows for all sorts of fun. However, it can serve in much more practical ways, too! 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Once you start using the Pop ‘N Go play tent in your daily routine,  you’ll see how often it comes in handy. It really is a life saver for stay at home parents—grab your kiddo’s favorite toys or some sensory play items, simply set up the playpen in your bathroom, allow your child to play safely while still being supervised, and now, YOU have the time to get ready for the day! Hello, lover. 

Honestly, when we invented this playpen, we didn’t even realize how much it was going to benefit families in so many different ways. Our customers actively share their Pop ‘N Go set-ups through tagging us on social media, and it aint your typical trip-to-the-beach scenario. (Although, this portable play yard is great for beach days, too!) 

Customers are turning The Pop ‘N Go Playpen into a Travel Crib 

It’s not uncommon for parents to use traditional play yards as their nap time set up—especially when away from home. You can only pack the car with so much STUFF... so you have to think of which products will offer the most function for your trip. 

A play yard can be a designated play area during the day, turned crib at night! 

Here’s Why The Pop ‘N Go Beats All Other Play N’ Plays 

Typically, pack ‘N plays are specifically designed for babies and toddlers but what if your kiddo is too big to sleep in your traditional pack ‘N play? Houston, we have a problem. 

If you’re still in the baby/toddler stage, your little one can most definitely sleep comfortably and safely in the Pop ‘N Go by adding our compatible mattress pad! (While you’re checking out these high-quality mattress pads, go ahead and choose your favorite Pop ‘N Go organic mattress cover to make it the coziest little cahoon. P.S. the designs on these super soft covers are ADORABLE!) 

Now, onto the topic of big kids… even bigger kids could enjoy sleeping on the compatible mattress pad, as long as they’re still under five feet. Simply throw a pillow, blanket, and their favorite stuffed animal, and they’ll LOVE the experience of sleeping in a tent! It’s cool, mom. 

BUT… if your child is growing like a weed and the size of the Pop ‘N Go is just a little too small for them to sprawl out… we are another solution. 

Grab yourself an inflatable twin size bed and place it in the Pop ‘N Go playpen. Obviously, the bottom of the airbed will stick out the little zippered door but your kiddo will LOVE going to sleep in their super cool tent. This sleeping concept may be your saving grace if your child tends to act out while traveling. They’ll be so intrigued by their cool bedtime set up, they won’t even realize they aren’t in their comfort zone.


Be sure to grab your Pop ‘N Go Playpen + mattress pad + mattress cover all at a discount now!