Parent Pro Tip: Ensure Your Kid’s Products are PTPA, Check Out This Approved Shopping List!

If you aren’t familiar with the PTPA seal of approval—you need to be! PTPA stands for Parent Tested, Parent Approved, which means exactly what you think it means. PTPA is a free online network for parents that, once signed up, have the opportunity to try and test endless products at zero cost in exchange for their honest feedback. 

The results is a huge shopping collection of products that parents all over swear by. It is one of the most credible and influential consumer product awards that a company can receive and The California Beach Co. happens to be one of the products on their list. 😎 

This free community empowers the consumers (AKA: parents) and ensures their kiddos are getting the most safe, high-quality products on the market! That’s why we love it! 

The Pop 'N Go Playpen earned the PTPA Seal of Approval! 

We are thrilled that The California Beach Co. earned the PTPA Seal of Approval back in August of this year. When we decided to make an innovative product for children and families, we knew that we had to deliver on our quality. 

The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is a modernized playpen that’s durable, portable, lightweight, and high in quality. This play accessory is truly safe to use and actually built to last. 

After all–this company is founded by parents—it would be shameful to create a product for other families that we wouldn’t use ourselves! The California Beach Co. does not settle on quality. We want to put an end to cheap, misleading kid’s products. 

We are proud to be backed by Parent Tested Parent Approved

The Pop ‘N Go play tent really delivers on everything it says it does. Made of breathable mesh netting, polyester siding, and sturdy fiberglass framing, this versatile structure is anything but cheap or misleading. 

Check Out The PTPA Approved Shopping List! 

There are so many PTPA approved products out there—it would take us a lifetime to write up a description on all of them! You can find all the approved products right here and select by category for even more convenience. Below, we’ll share all about The Pop ‘N Go Playpen’s results. 🤩😏👏🏻


“Absolutely perfect for babies, toddlers, small children, and even pets! This portable baby outdoor playpen is ASTM International & SGS Safety Certified. This portable pop-up play yard works well indoors and outdoors. Every Pop 'N Go® comes with a UV shade cover and carrying case so you can take it anywhere – the yard, the park, or the beach! Our patented “pop-up” design is extremely efficient and durable. Built with high-quality fiberglass framing and strong weave-mesh netting to last for years. At only 7.2 lb., this is the most compact and lightweight playpen ever created.”

Not to brag… but the Pop ‘N Go results were literally perfect.


If you didn’t know where to start when it came to shopping for Christmas, now you do! Become a member of PTPA or use their approved shopping list to knock out all your Christmas presents this year! You won’t be disappointed.

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