Turn your Pop N’ Go Playpen into a Baby Ball Pit

Blog written by California Beach Co.

We all know that the Pop N’ Go playpen offers a whole host of practical benefits, such as super easy set up, lightweight design, and serving as a safe spot for your baby. But did you know that this playpen can also be a fun and entertaining play area for your baby? If you want to give your little one an amusing and exciting activity that will keep them giggling for hours, all you have to do is turn your Pop N’ Go playpen into a baby ball pit! Here’s how. 🤗

1. Set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen

I have to say, this may be the easiest step of all... 😉 But really, it literally takes seconds to set up the Pop N’ Go playpen! All you have to do is take it out of the bag, let it naturally unfold, “pop” it into place, apply the safety clip, and you’re ready to go! 🙌🏼

mom setting up playpen

2. Add the balls 

Ball pit balls can easily be purchased online or at your local toy store. They’re affordable, easy to find, and will keep your little ones entertained many times over. All you have to do is pour them into the Pop N’ Go and your ball pit is ready for action! 🥳

mom making ball pit in playpen

The Pop N' Go playpen is great for outdoor activities and backyard games. A baby ball pit is the perfect activity for a special occasion like your kid’s birthday party or it could just be something to set up for your kids when they’re bored. Set up your ball pit outside when the weather is nice and add on the included UV cover to keep kiddos shaded from the sun. You truly can’t go wrong with setting up a ball pit for your little ones to play in. They will stay busy and entertained, and all you really need is your Pop N’ Go playpen! 😎