Forget The Diapers, Bring This To Your Next Baby Shower

Although you may not know the next time you’ll be invited to an actual gathering - (THANKS, #COVID19), it is Baby Shower Season! Regardless of whether you’re celebrating in-person or not, your moms-to-be still deserve to be showered with love and must-have gifts for their new season of life: Motherhood. 

You could be like everyone else and get the essentials - but where is the fun in that? Not to downplay the importance of those types of gifts, but we tend to go big when it comes to bringing value to our customers and dear friends!

Who Doesn’t Want to be Voted “Best Gift?”

You know you did good when everyone ooh’s and ah’s as the mother to be unwraps an unexpected and awesome gift. You can ensure that someone will buy all the necessities like diapers, onesies, and even that disgusting snot sucker that everyone does rave about. Those gifts are much-needed. However, after all the late-night diaper changes and snotty sick days you experience, there are many other days you get to look forward to when you become a mom. 

Like the days you lounge all afternoon snuggled up on the couch with your little human, appreciating every second of it. Perhaps you’re thinking more of the days where your baby learns to crawl or practicing tummy time. 🙇‍♀️Whatever scenario that pops into your head is sure to happen because smelly diapers and sleepless nights aren’t the only things you experience in motherhood! 

Take the spotlight off of those moments and embrace the more mundane times by gifting the Pop N Go Playpen. 

A Gift that Grows With the Child 

The Pop N Go Playpen may catch everyone by surprise: Why does an infant need a playpen? The answer is simple. This playpen is more than just a playpen. It’s a napping arena, it’s a safe environment for baby to play freely while being watched, and it’s a fun play tent that the child will grow to love as they grow up! 

The Pop N Go Playpen is an ASTM International & SGS Safety-Certified play yard that can be used indoors and outdoors. This tent can pop up and down in seconds and weighs less than eight little pounds - less than most babies! 

When your baby is napping and you need to get caught up on washing bottles or changing laundry, you can allow your baby to sleep peacefully and safely on in the Pop N Go Tent using the self-inflating mattress for extra comfort. 

When you want to practice tummy time, you can get inside the playpen with your baby and fit comfortably inside! It’s a great way to spend quality time with your baby and establish a level of comfort inside the tent. 

If your baby happens to be extra sensitive to light, you can use the UV shade cover that comes included with every order to darken the room and of course, use outside to protect from the sunlight! 

Needless to say, mothers everywhere can benefit from a play tent like this. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and extremely safe. It checks off all the boxes on a gift that every mother needs. 

We hope you enjoy the look on the new mama’s face when she realizes all the benefits and good times that come along with the Pop N Go Tent. ❤️