How to find a kid-friendly hotel

If you’re a parent, then you may be able to relate to the stress that comes along when booking a hotel stay with kids in tow. Obviously, you want to stay somewhere nice, but you don’t want to end up at a super fancy hotel where your loud children will upset the staff and other residents. Luckily, there are plenty of kid-friendly hotel options to help ensure safety and comfort for you and your young children. Here are some tips to find the best kid-friendly hotel for your next family vacation. 

How to find a kid-friendly hotel based on location 

No matter your chosen destination, the location of the hotel is a practical consideration. Every aspect of traveling is a little more complicated when you have young children with you. Therefore, any step that makes things easier is worth it. Here are a few considerations for choosing the right hotel location.

Stay in a central location 

Staying in a central location that has attractions within walking distance is always a smart choice. Map out some of the main locations that you and your family hope to visit while on vacation and try to find a hotel that is close by. Being able to easily walk to most activities gives you one less thing to think about as you can largely leave transportation out of the mix. 

Be sure that food options are close by

We all know that kids get hungry fast so you’ll want to make sure that there are grocery stores and/or restaurants nearby to keep those little tummies full. Having food options within walking distance will make everyone’s life easier. Many hotels have their own restaurant on location, so booking one with that feature is a great option as well. 

Consider transportation 

Look into public transit options and figure out if there are kid-friendly options such as subways or train systems that don’t require you to pack a car seat. If you do plan to use public transportation, map out the stops and stations that you’ll want to be close to and try to find a hotel nearby. 

Make sure to choose a safe area

Do some research and read hotel reviews to try to get a feel for the area and neighborhood in which your chosen hotel is. If you’re going to be walking around, you want to make sure that the hotel is in a safe area so that you feel comfortable walking around with your family in the evenings and early morning. 

How to look for kid-friendly hotel room features 

Another important aspect of kid-friendly hotels are the room features and hotel amenities. Making sure your family is comfortable and has everything they need on the hotel’s campus is a must to ensure a relaxing family vacation with young children. Some hotels even feature kid-friendly rooms with bunk beds and cool, colorful kid suites. Here are some important features to look out for when searching for a kid-friendly hotel room. 

Larger rooms and suites

When traveling with young children, having a larger room or suite is always a plus. This feature might be easier to find in less crowded locations. If you’re traveling to a big city like Manhattan, be prepared for most hotel rooms to be super condensed. If you have a flexible budget, you may be able to find a larger, more spacious hotel room even in a bustling city but be prepared to pay top dollar for it. 

Having more space in the room itself gives your kids an area to roam around and release energy, even when you aren’t out and about doing things. Also, if you’re able to book multiple connecting rooms or a suite style room, you’ll be able to have a separate area to relax once the kids go to sleep. 

Refrigerator or kitchenette

By having a refrigerator in the room you’ll be able to store your own snacks and drinks so that there can always be something on hand when your young children get hungry. Luckily, most hotel rooms offer refrigerators, but always double check the hotel’s website just in case. Finding a hotel room with a kitchenette has the potential to save you and your family some money on take out and dining, since this gives you the option to cook your own meals on occasion. Even something as simple as preparing your own breakfast each day, rather than dining out, can save significant money on a vacation. 

Soundproof rooms 

Some hotels will offer soundproof rooms which can help avoid bothering other guests when your kids are acting rambunctious. It may be harder to find this hotel feature advertised for, but it’s worth looking into. Remember that most older hotels or bed and breakfast style accommodations don’t offer this feature, so take this into consideration when booking and researching your options. 


If your kids aren’t yet taking showers then be sure that your hotel offers a bathtub, because not all hotels do! If you accidentally end up in a hotel without a bathtub, you can still find ways to bathe younger children, such as in the sink or by bringing them into the shower with you. However, it will make your life easier to just book a hotel that offers a bathtub as this isn’t a difficult feature to find. 

Laundry service 

Depending on the length of your trip, it may be beneficial to find a hotel with laundry service. If you are traveling for a longer stretch or embarking on a backpacking style trip where you plan to pack lightly, having the option to do laundry is super helpful. We all know that kids can be messy!

Additional tips

  • Finding a hotel with an included restaurant where you can frequently order take out or room service makes it easier to keep everyone in the family fed without having to go anywhere.
  • Some hotels offer a babysitting service or kid’s play area where you can leave kids and get some time away with just the adults. Be sure to research this service and call ahead to make sure it is available. 
  • You may be able to find a hotel with baby proofing services for younger babies and toddlers. This gives you one less thing to worry about when traveling with multiple kids. 
  • Try to prepare by calculating any additional fees you may face when you arrive at your hotel such as valet parking, room service, and additional resort fees. 

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