How to Baby Proof a Hotel Room

It’s no secret that most hotel rooms were not designed with babies in mind. If you’re getting ready to stay at a hotel with your baby for the first time, then you’ll definitely want to prepare to do some baby proofing upon arrival. Luckily, there are many easy ways to quickly ensure that your hotel room is perfectly safe for your baby or toddler. Below, we’ve listed our top tips for baby proofing a hotel room. 

6 Tips for Baby Proofing a Hotel Room

Baby proofing a hotel room is surprisingly easy. By packing a few extra items and being prepared for certain safety hazards, your hotel room will be baby-safe in no time. 

  1. Do an initial check for hazardous items on the floor
  2. Set up a baby playpen upon arrival
  3. Cover power outlets and sharp corners
  4. Bring clips for curtains
  5. Check for long, hanging Wires 
  6. Bring a portable sound machine

Do an Initial Check for Hazardous Items on the Floor

As soon as you arrive at your hotel room, it's a good idea to take a look around and check the floor for any hazardous or sharp items such as pens, paper clips, and anything else. Hopefully your hotel room floors are clean but you never really know what you’ll walk into so it’s always smart to look. 

Set Up a Baby Playpen Upon Arrival

Because your hotel room will likely not be baby proof, you’ll want to have a safe area for your baby to hang out while you do any necessary baby proofing. Bringing a baby playpen with you to a hotel is always a good idea because it will give you a safe, contained place to set them down if and when you need to walk away. Also, most playpens can double as a travel crib and you will likely want to bring a travel crib so your baby has a safe place. Find a playpen that is lightweight, compact and easy to set up to make travelling easier. 

Cover Power Outlets and Sharp Corners

Bring along some power outlet covers to place around the hotel room in order to cover any open power outlets. Most babies and toddlers will go through a phase when they are interested in sticking things into power outlets. For some kids, this stage can last a while so outlet covers are a smart item to pack for pretty much any baby or toddler who is old enough to crawl or walk around the hotel room. You’ll also want to watch out for any sharp corners such as coffee table edges. Some parents use adhesive corner covers to cover these areas. This is a convenient option but can leave a sticky residue behind and you’ll want to be careful when placing corner covers on hotel furniture. You can also bring along your own roll of tape and tape washcloths over sharp corners to help with baby proofing. 

Bring Clips for Curtains

Most parents know the importance of nap time for their children. Skipped naps can lead kids to being overtired and that is the last thing you want when on vacation. Hotel rooms aren’t always the most nap-friendly environment. One helpful tip is to bring along some bag clips to hold the curtains shut during nap time to prevent sunlight from sneaking in. Since hotel room curtains don’t always close all the way, this can be a helpful way to create a comfortable and restful nap environment for your baby or toddler. This is also helpful if your baby goes to bed before the sun has set, since it can make the hotel room dark to get your baby ready for bed. 

Check for Long, Hanging Wires 

Look for any long hanging wires around your hotel room and wrap them up or unplug them if you can. For items that you don’t think you’ll use, such as the hotel phone, you can even just unplug it and put it in an area that is out of reach for your child. Babies and toddlers are usually interested in hanging wires and you don’t want to risk them pulling on a wire and having the item fall on them, so it's always a good idea to secure any loose wires. 

Bring a Portable Sound Machine

A portable sound machine will make your life easier for nap times and bedtime. Because hotel rooms are typically pretty small you’ll be glad to have a white noise machine or sound machine on hand once your little one falls asleep. A white noise machine can not only make it easier for your child to fall asleep initially, but it can also help them stay asleep even if the adults are staying awake and talking in a nearby area. Look for a portable white noise machine that is wireless, compact, and small. 

Additional Hotel Tips for Babies

  • Always ensure that your baby has a safe place to sleep, such as a travel crib. Some hotels offer baby cribs that can be placed in the hotel room or you can bring your own foldable, portable crib. 
  • Don’t skip naps even when you’re on the go while traveling. You may even need to let your baby nap in their stroller or car seat if you happen to be away from the hotel when they fall asleep. 
  • For older babies and toddlers, you’ll want to keep plenty of snacks in your hotel room to avoid letting them get too hungry and to have healthier options than only what restaurants have to offer. 
  • Bring some comfort items from home such as stuffed animals or a favorite blanket to help your baby feel some type of familiarity with their surroundings. 
  • Some hotels offer baby proofing services prior to your arrival. Give your hotel a call beforehand to find out if this is an option for you. 
  • Book a suite-style hotel room if you can so that there is a separate area for your child to sleep and nap. This can make it easier for you to stay up later without waking up your baby.

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