Work and Play at the Pop ‘N Go Car Wash

By now, you’ve probably figured out that the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is a place to keep your kids safe and protected while outside. However, did you know that this Pop ‘N Go tent can also be a car wash? With a little decoration and a lot of imagination, your kids can set up their own cleaning station next to you while you spiff up your set of wheels. 

This Pop Up Playpen is Supervision in Disguise 

If you have a car to wash and kids to watch, we have a solution for you. With the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen, supervising your kids outside is easier than ever. Place your playpen in your yard while you clean your car, water plants or complete other tasks near or on your front lawn. This structure will instantly grab your kid’s attention, which will keep them away from the street and close enough for you to supervise. 

Play Pretend with the Pop ‘N Go Playpen

If you’ve set up a car wash in your driveway, let your kiddos do the same with their Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen. With a couple of craft supplies, you can encourage them to name, create, and build their “business.” They’ll have so much fun making homemade signs and decorations for their play tent. They’re happy and you’re able to get your chores done. It’s a win, win!

It’s Just Good, Clean Fun

To make their “Pop ‘N Go Car Wash” even more realistic, you can sneakily put your kids to work. Provide them with buckets of water, sponges, and non-toxic soap, and you’ll be surprised by how much they want to clean alongside you. 

They may not be ready to help you with your car; however, they’re probably more than capable of cleaning their bicycles or other metal and plastic toys. Are you planning a rummage sale in the near future? They can help dust off what’s been sitting in the garage! It’s totally okay if their Pop ‘N Go gets wet in the process - our products are made of highly durable and damage-resistant materials. 

Pop Up This Tent For All Kinds of Activities

Sometimes, setting up a safe play area for your little ones can be stressful - especially if you’re swamped with chores. Luckily, you’ll never have to put setting up the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen on your to-do list. This tent can pop up anywhere and it takes seconds to do so efficiently and securely. With the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen, make playtime happen just as fast as your kid’s attention spans change.

Get creative while cleaning with the Pop ‘N Go this summer!

NOTE: Our hugely popular Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen has a new name: The Pop 'N Go Mini Playpen... check it out here!