Why Your Pets Benefit From The Pop N Go Playpen

Was the Pop N’ Go Playpen intended for just kids? Heck no! We know all the Dog Moms out there would love to surprise their fur baby with a cozy place to hang and play!

The Pop N Go Play Yard is the perfect gear to have for all your pets! It’s practical for you while being comforting to them! Still unsure how this pop up play yard could benefit your pup? Keep reading after this adorable picture of our fur baby, Zeus in his Pop N Go tent. ❤️🐶
Dog sitting comfortably in the pop n go tent

1. It’s a safe way to keep your pet supervised while you’re busy with other things. 

This is for all the new (puppy) parents out there… Speaking from experience, you don’t want to leave a puppy unsupervised, like ever. Those sharp puppy teeth can tear up anything in a matter of seconds, so it’s best to give them all the teething toys they need and allow them to entertain themselves comfortably in their Pop N Go Playpen while you get the house cleaned.

Each Pop N Go is ASTM International & SGS Safety-Certified, so you can have peace of mind that they’re in a safe environment! Although this is a lightweight play yard, the hexagon structure prevents it from ever toppling over! What better way to stay productive while caring for your fur baby all at the same time?

The Pop N Go Playpen is great for traveling! 

The last thing your pet wants it to be tied to a tree far from everyone else on your camping trip or stuck inside while you’re playing in the backyard. With this travel play area, your pet will feel so much more included by sitting freely in their own comfortable tent!

The Pop N Go is extremely easy to carry from place to place. Not only is it super lightweight, but each order includes a compact fold travel bag to throw over your shoulder, as well as ground stakes to ensure stability when outdoors! Pets don’t do well knowing they’re confined. This high quality play yard is extremely roomy which helps them to forget their inside the tent, to begin with! You want your pup to enjoy his/her vacation, too… right?

It can be a comforting space.

It’s so important for your pet to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. This can be hard to create if your pets aren’t allowed on the couch or the bed. It can make them feel insignificant and unwanted. When you go out of your way to create a space that’s just for them, it will surely make them feel happy and comforted!

Not to mention, many pets don’t like events or situations that involve loud noises, such as thunderstorms or fireworks shows. Their Pop N go can give them a sense of ease and safety. Especially when the family is at the Fourth of July show, and your pet is stuck at home, fearing the noise alone. Their Pop N Go tent can be a safe haven to get them through until you’re back. Your pet deserves that peace of mind, don’t they? 

You have to say- we make a pretty good argument! It’s official- the best playpen for kids and toddlers is also the best playpen for pets! We’d love to see your fur babies enjoying their very own Pop N Go! Be sure to tag us in your pictures so we can share your posts! Follow us on social media, @TheCaliforniaBeachCo, and share this post with your like-minded Pet Lovers!