Why Your Dog Acts Different During the Holidays

Have you ever noticed that the holidays bring out the worst in your dog? After all the treats, holiday-themed toys, and belly rubs, you’d think they’d be in dog heaven! However, not all pets take the same way to holidays as others. It’s common for the holidays to actually serve as a really stressful time for our furry friends. 

Whether you’re hosting the holiday gatherings at your home or you’re traveling, pets can get overwhelmed by a number of different things. Read on to find out why your dog may be acting different during the holiday season.

Reasons Why Your Dog Seems Anxious During The Holidays 

1. Unknown faces and places

Our pets thrive off of routine. They like familiarity in all aspects. That’s why they like to eat at the same time, go outside at the same time, and relax in the same spots. When you take the routine away from your pet, they aren’t sure how to operate or what to think so there’s potential for them to act out or have an accident. It’s important to keep the main aspects of their routine in place throughout the holidays. Even if you are away from home, make sure to feed them at the same time and try to bring familiar items with you so they can feel a sense of comfort. We recommend hauling the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen! Serving as a crash pad/playpen at home on a regular basis can easily turn into the travel crate/kneel when away! 😉🤩

2. Visitors: Children included 

If you’re hosting a holiday party and there are lots of foot traffic, this may be intimidating to your dog. Some dogs will love all the extra attention; whereas others may feel anxious and go into protective mode—especially if your pet isn’t comfortable with children. Believe it or not, children are often the most likely to get bitten by a dog because they can be a little more aggressive than adults. Dogs don’t know how to react to high-energy children, so they’re natural inclination may be to bite. If you know your dog is naturally skittish around groups of people and isn’t very familiar with children, make sure to keep an eye on them when guests first arrive. You are your dog’s safe place so if you’re nowhere to be found, they may choose to fight rather than flight.

3. Too much alone time

You may think the best way to prevent your dog from getting into trouble or getting overwhelmed is to cage them when you have people over, but this can be damaging to their health surrounding the holidays as well. Why do you think that when you grab the keys to leave your dog immediately looks upset? Because they know you’re leaving! You don't want your dog to become depressed around the holidays because they know they'll spend most of their time locked up. That’s not what a kennel is for—use the crate when you have to, or purchase a pet playpen that still allows them to be socially involved. 

Your Dog Deserves Holiday Cheer, Too

Yes, your furry friend sure does. ❤️ As you gear up for the holidays, consider your pup for just a second before lashing out on them or locking them up. If you start to prepare them for the holiday as you prepare yourself, you may experience an entirely different doggo! 

✨🎁 Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 🎁 ✨

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