Why the included UV shade makes the Pop N’ Go Playpen a game changer

If you’re familiar with the Pop N’ Go Playpen, then you’ve likely heard about all of the features that set it above other playpens. These include the easy-to-setup technology, super lightweight and spacious design, and the convenient carrying case. These features are hard to beat, but we have to say that there’s another feature that really takes the cake… 🎂🤩

An included UV shade in every order!

Many parents have experienced the challenge of hauling kids down to the beach, along with bags and bags of beach toys and accessories. It's known that any help in lightening your beach load will make your life just a little bit easier. That’s where the Pop N’ Go Playpen comes in because, with it, you’ll no longer have to worry about bringing a separate beach shade in addition to the playpen. With the Pop N' Go, it’s all in one. This also means one less bulky kid item that you’ll have to own and find a place to store. Since the Pop N’ Go Playpen has so many other great uses, you’re getting more bang for your buck. 💰 🙌🏼

Say hello to beach naps 

Did you know that the Pop N’ Go Playpen can also double as a travel crib? So, when you’re at the beach and it's past nap time, all you have to do is lay them down in the Pop N’ Go, place the sun cover on top, and you’ve got the perfect, shady nap spot. Now’s your chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the quiet time. 💤😎

Included with every Pop N’ Go (even the Pop N' Go Pet)

The Pop N’ Go playpen is available in two different sizes. Both the traditional Pop N’ Go and the Pop N’ Go Pet include a UV shade in every order.

One essential item that does it all

We guarantee that every parent could use the Pop N’ Go Playpen, because of how versatile and useful this item truly is. Most traditional playpens are a pain to set up because they come with multiple pieces. The Pop N’ Go doesn’t require any special construction, you literally just have to take it out of the bag, let it unfold naturally, and pop it into place. With the included UV sun cover in every order, the Pop N’ Go really does do it all. ☺️✨