Why the California Beach Blanket is the Best Travel Accessory

Packing for travel, whether a week-long vacation or extended stay, can certainly become a challenge. But ending up with jam-packed bags that are basically overflowing takes the experience to an entirely different stress level. The key to not overpacking is finding items that are versatile and useful for multiple purposes. We have a little travel tip for you: The California Beach Blanket is the best travel accessory, here’s why. 😎

Easy to carry

The California Beach Blanket is super easy to take on the go, all thanks to the included travel bag. This blanket folds into an included backpack that is lightweight, easy to carry, and offers additional pockets to store valuable items. Even if you’re trekking through the airport, or going for a hike, you won’t have a hard time carrying this blanket with you. 🙌🏼

Useful for all destinations

With weighted corners, ground stakes for windy days, and even sand, water, and heat-resistant material, we all know that the California Beach Blanket is the ultimate beach accessory. So, if you’re headed to a beachy destination, bringing this blanket with you is a given. But if you’re headed to a different destination, you should still bring the California Beach Blanket along with you. This blanket provides a soft foundation to sit on at any destination including parks, pools, hotel rooms, and more. Here’s an idea: it’s great for a road trip that might involve stopping in a grassy area to unwind. 🍃

Ideal for the kiddos

If you’re going to be traveling with little ones, then it’s definitely a good idea to bring the California Beach Blanket with you. Made with natural, bamboo derived material, this blanket is safe for even the youngest babies. It’s a great blanket to lay down in the grass or even at your hotel room, to give your baby or toddler a soft and clean place to crawl and play. 👶🏼

Room for everyone

Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, this blanket is spacious enough to fit the whole gang, so you can forget about packing an individual beach blanket for each family member. The California Beach Blanket is spacious enough to fit 3 adults, so when it comes to kids, you’ll definitely have space for everyone. 

Traveling doesn’t have to be challenging, even when you have babies with you! Make sure you’re bringing along all of the travel necessities, and look for many versatile, multi-use items like the California Beach Blanket. 😉