What Makes the California Beach Blanket Poolside Perfection?

We all know that the California Beach Blanket is perfect to bring to the beach or on your next great adventure, but one of our favorite ways to use this soft and durable blanket is by the pool. There are a number of reasons why this blanket is the ideal accessory to bring to the poolside with you, and some of these reasons may surprise you! 😉

1. It’s surprisingly soft 🥰

Let’s be honest, the average pool towel is not always made from the softest material. We were honestly shocked when we first felt just how soft the California Beach Blanket truly is. Made from environmentally friendly, bamboo-derived material, you can lay back on your blanket knowing that it’s not only comfortable for you but also beneficial for our planet. 🌍

2. Weighted corners help it stay put 👍🏼

Laying out by the pool is a great alternative to the beach on an extra windy day. However, even the pool can catch a pretty high wind and cause your towels to go flying when you aren’t laying on them. The California Beach Blanket comes equipped with weighted corners that ensure security, even on the windiest day. 🍃

3. Storage pockets keep your valuables safe 🤩

The California Beach Blanket folds into its own drawstring backpack making portability a given. This blanket is also equipped with mesh storage pockets where you can place all of your valuables, meaning this is the only bag you’ll have to bring to the pool. Forget about lugging a big bag with your towels and other items down to the pool, this drawstring backpack is simple and compact and offers the perfect amount of space for your essential pool accessories. 🙌🏼

4. Water resistant material 💦

We’ve all experienced the challenge of laying on your towel after getting out of the pool and it’s instantly soaked through. This makes it tempting to bring multiple towels with you — one to dry off and one to lay on. The California Beach Blanket offers a solution to this problem with water resistant material that barely gets wet and dries super fast. Since the bamboo material is highly absorbent and breathable, you’ll be able to stay dry while laying out and you won’t even overheat. This blanket was expertly designed to enhance any pool day with a practical and comfortable design. 😁

5. Great for families 😎

With space for up to three adults, The California Beach Blanket is the only towel you’ll need to pack, even if you’ve got kids in tow. This blanket offers space for the whole family to stretch out and tan, so you may only need this one blanket for everyone. Talk about versatility! ☺️☀️