What Everyone is Saying about the Pop N Go Self-Inflating Mattress

As you probably know, the Pop N Go Playpen is the best playpen in the world. We’ve had over $1M in sales and hundreds of five-star reviews! In this article, we’re going to tell you what everyone is saying about one of our additional features that often gets overlooked- the self-inflating mattress!

New and Improved 

The Pop N Go Self-Inflating Mattress is back in business! We decided to take it off our storefront and spend some time upgrading the material and quality. We wanted to be sure to create an additional feature that was just as exceptional as the pop-up play yard itself! 

This plush add-on is the final product you need to have your child’s approval on the Pop N Play Tent. This padding is custom-designed to fit perfectly inside the Pop N’ Go to ensure comfortability throughout the entire tent!

It’s one-inch thick when inflated which is the perfect amount of padding to keep your little one’s tush extra comfy on any surface- making it nearly impossible for them to ever want to come out!

What do you mean it’s self-inflating? 

We’re glad you asked! The dog days are over- no more blowing your brains out to assemble your children’s gear. This single mattress is self-sufficient. 

All you have to do to inflate the mattress is twist the cap to let air in and inflate! Whenever you’d like to deflate the mattress, simply twist the cap in the opposite direction to let the air out! It’s literally that easy. 

What is everyone saying about this Pop N Go Add-On?

We take pride and great concern in what our customers are saying about our products. We are so pleased to hear the countless reviews that credit our Pop N Go as “the best purchase” they’ve made or that they simply love it! It’s a really cool thing when you start to see all the different ways your products are making a difference in the lives of others. 

Here are several of our favorite reviews regarding the Pop N Go Self-Inflating Mattress! 


YES- you read that right! For a limited time, you can purchase your self-inflating mattress for $39.97! If you still need to buy your Pop N Go Tent, you’ll receive $10 OFF when you bundle it with the mattress pad! 

The mattress also comes with a carrying travel bag with a shoulder strap so that you can transport it with you just as easy as your Pop N Go Play Yard. Order yours today!