What Every Soccer Mom Will Have This Season

Soccer season is underway! Are you ready for afternoon practices and Saturday games? It may seem overwhelming to think about how you’re going to balance your schedule this season, but we have something that is sure to make you the coolest soccer mom on the field while giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the game.

Start the Trend for All Soccer Moms

If you haven’t seen it yet, get ready because the Pop N Go Playpen is coming to a soccer field near you! Your dreams of bringing a playpen to practice are coming true with the help of this lightweight play yard. 

Most playpens are too bulky, heavy, and hard to assemble to pack up for just a two-hour game. However, that’s not the case with the Pop N Go Tent! Weighing a total of 7.2 pounds, you can easily carry this portable tent on your shoulder, even when it’s your week to bring all the team snacks. With a shoulder-strap carry bag and a pop-up patented technology, this play tent is fully functional.

Watch this video to see how quickly this tent can pop up! (It seriously takes less than one minute total to set up. The majority of that minute is spent getting it out of the carry bag!) 

Every Soccer Family Will Thank You!

Whether you have a little on that needs to be supervised 24/7 or crazy toddlers that want to play and distract you from watching your oldest play, the Pop N Go Play Tent can accommodate both.  

Well, if we’re being honest… this pop-up tent can fit every kid on the field! Watch for yourself! 

We hope that the Pop N Go Playpen lets you enjoy your soccer season that much more! Be sure to tag @thecaliforniabeachco in your pictures so we can share them with our socials! 

Goal get em! Order your Pop N Go today.