What additional benefits are included with the Pop N' Go Playpen?

Everyone loves a good deal. When we created the Pop N’ Go Playpen, we wanted it to have all the bells and whistles necessary to be considered the best on the market.

We thought- what better way to prove it’s the best by going above and beyond the industry standard? Below are the additional benefits that are included in every Pop N’ Go tent order that we ship out. It’s our guarantee! 👇

Pop N Go Playpen assembled outside


Customers love our pop up play yard because it requires no heavy lifting or complicated assembly. Thanks to our patented pop-up and pop-down design, it takes seconds to build and to break down. 

There’s no point to having an easy assembly if the playpen is insanely heavy. That’s why our play yard weighs less than 8 pounds in total. This lightweight play yard can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Our customers love taking the travel play area to the beaches, parks, campgrounds, or to Grandma’s house! 

This may be a playpen for kids, but we kept you in mind when building out the design. We included a compact fold and travel bag with a strap to make your trips with the Pop N’ Go playpen enjoyable for everyone! Mom, Dad, or Grandpa can easily throw the lightweight play area over their shoulder and be on their merry way. 
A mother carrying the portable playpen at the beach


The Pop N’ Go playpen works well for both indoor and outdoor activities! This high-quality play yard is made of fiberglass framing and strong weave-mesh material. The weave-mesh fabric is really helpful for when the play tent is set up outside. It allows a refreshing breeze to come through and helps circulate the air within the play yard so your child remains comfortable throughout their time inside. 

We didn’t stop there. It can get really hot, especially over the summertime, and we felt that our weave-mesh material wouldn’t be enough to truly feel comfortable on those hot summer days. So, that’s where the UV shade cover came into play.

The UV shade cover is included with every purchase and protects your child from the harmful sun rays while providing a more shady experience while inside the playpen.  
UV Shade going on top of the lightweight play tent for kids

This portable playpen has it all! 

We’re so confident in the value of our Pop Up Playpen that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. There’s nothing to lose when you purchase yours since you have the option to return it with a full refund. Become the Parent Of The Year and surprise your children with the play tent of their dreams! Shop now!