Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Toddlers

Celebrating Halloween with your toddler can be tricky because of their age but it also can most definitely be a treat since it opens the door for other fun activities! If they’re not old enough to trick or treat for candy, there are a plethora of other options for them. Halloween can be such an exciting holiday — especially when you get your creativity flowing so your toddler can have fun with it too. Create some memories and even some new family traditions with the following activities!

Family Pumpkin Patch Pictures 🎃

It’s no secret that pumpkin patches are a hot spot during the fall season. Once they are set up, you can practically smell the pumpkin spice lattes and feel the fall breeze blowing with those color-changing leaves. Pumpkin patches are a staple for any town big or small, so why not support a local business and host your family pictures there? You can dress up in matching attire or even go all out with a family Halloween costume. We love The Incredibles and Toy Story costumes so there’s a character for everyone! You can hire a photographer or set your camera up using a self-timer to capture the start of your new Halloween tradition.

Attend Your Local Fall Festival 🍁

Fall festivals are a great way to introduce Halloween to your toddler without all the creepy crawlies and scary costumes. They often have kid-friendly characters in costume with a ton of fun game booths to choose from. Whether your child loves to have their face painted as a tiger by someone dressed up as a scarecrow or they want to take a hay ride on a tractor into a corn maze, a fall festival usually has it all. This is another activity that you can dress the family up for or go casual — the choice is yours!

Make A Monster 🎨

Get those creative juices flowing with a fun Halloween craft for your little one. With construction paper, you can cut a variety of shapes out so they can create their favorite monster. Your little one can put it all together and you can glue it down so you can tag team this activity. Add some googly eyes to the mix and you’ll have an army of monsters your toddler invented on their own. You can hang them on the fridge for the season and show them off to your family and friends. This activity also encourages your toddler to think outside of the box and learn how to use the same materials for different outcomes. 

Decorate Halloween Cookies 🍪

Decorating cookies can go with any holiday and Halloween is no different! With different cookie cutters to choose from, your child can help you decorate pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and more! Cover your table in a disposable table cloth so the clean-up is super easy. Pair the cookies with a kid-friendly Halloween movie like Mickey's House of Villains and you’ll have the perfect night munching on your homemade goodies with your little one.