Turn You California Beach Blanket into a Craft Station

Entertaining young children can start to feel challenging after a while. I think any mom can relate to the feeling of constantly trying to entertain restless kids while also trying to get things done around the house! 😅

It’s no secret that it doesn’t take long for a toy or activity to get boring for kids and the best way to lift their spirits is to pull out a new game for them to play. Next time your kids are looking bored, we’ve got some fun new activities for you to try and all you’ll need is your California Beach Blanket! 😉

Hello, craft station! 🎨

The California Beach Blanket makes the perfect craft station for kiddos of all ages. You can lay down this soft, spacious blanket anywhere and set up some drawing or painting activities for your little ones. 

Sensory stimulating activities like drawing, painting, and working with the hands are wonderful for kids of any age. Get some art supplies together for older toddlers and kids, and lay out some objects for them to try drawing. You can get involved too by trying your hand at drawing the objects yourself!

For younger babies, get a ziplock bag, put some paint on a sheet of paper and put it inside of the bag. Seal up the bag and let your baby smear around the paint with no mess. 👍🏼

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use ☀️

Set up your craft station on the living room floor to protect your carpet from any stains or messes (don’t worry, the California Beach Blanket is machine washable). 

Easily foldable and lightweight, you can also get out of the house with your blanket. Set up a craft station outside, at a nice park or outdoor area. The weighted corners and heat resistant material make this blanket perfect for any weather condition, and who doesn’t love a little fresh air and sunshine?!

The California Beach Blanket is Parent-approved 🤝

At California Beach Co., we know that raising tiny humans isn’t easy. Any small way that we can make life easier for parents, is a win in our eyes. When developing our products, we are always thinking of young families and striving to create useful, versatile products that will last a lifetime. 

All of our products are parent tested and parent approved. Our company goals revolve around building community and helping families of all shapes and sizes. ✨🥰