Tips for Getting out of the House with a Baby

Blog written by California Beach Co.

It’s no secret that having a child dramatically shifts your day-to-day agenda. New parents often face the challenge of feeling cooped up in the house while caring for their newborn baby. It can be easy to just stay home since going anywhere with the baby requires so many new steps, not to mention, you’re probably sleep deprived. 😴

It may feel like getting out of the house with a young baby is an extremely challenging task, but did you know that it doesn’t have to be? If you plan ahead and pack the right items then you’ll be adventuring with your little one like a pro in no time! 😉

Take the Pop N’ Go Playpen to the beach 😎

The Pop N’ Go playpen is the perfect size for your little one and is even more compact and easy to carry, thanks to its smaller size. Our outdoor beach playpen comes with ground stakes so you won’t feel weighed down with equipment to enjoy the beach! It’s the perfect way to shade your baby while also giving them a comfortable place to play. 🏖

family taking baby to the beach

Have tummy time at the park with the California Beach Blanket 🌿

The California Beach Blanket conveniently folds into an attached backpack. Simply toss it over your shoulder and head to your favorite park for a simple outdoor activity that you and your newborn will love. It’s the perfect tummy time blanket with natural, non-toxic material and weighted corners that will keep it in one place.☺ Take advantage of the baby play mat that comes included in our playpen too! Exposing your little one to tummy time at a young age will assist in their neuromuscular and neurological development.

tummy time for baby girl

Use the Portable Playpen for long car rides🚙

If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not take a little road trip with the family! When combined with our self-inflating mattress, the Pop N’ Go playpen makes the best travel crib. It will fit conveniently in your car when folded up and can be set up anywhere to give your baby a safe spot to snooze. 💤

Wherever you go, let California Beach Co. guide the way! 

Our products are meant to be useful, versatile additions to the lives of families everywhere. We want to make it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone and make memories with your loved ones. Family adventures don’t have to be stressful! With the right travel accessories, the sky is the limit. ☺️⛅️