This Christmas, Try These Fun Activities With Your Kids

There’s a good chance you’re spending the holidays a little differently this year. Since you aren’t attending the big holiday parties that fulfill the holiday spirit for your kiddos, you’re going to have to get creative on how you embrace this magical season with them! 

We’ve all been stuck inside with our immediate families for quite some time, so how do you keep it interesting and exciting without spending a fortune? 

We’re sharing three holiday-themed activities that are inexpensive, fun, and filled with holiday cheer! Explore our three Christmas activities below! 

1️⃣ Have a Gingerbread House Competition! 

Everyone loves a little competition—especially brothers and sisters! Start a new tradition of hosting an annual Gingerbread House competition for your family! First of all, gingerbread houses are pretty affordable and they taste delicious! 

To make it fair, utilize your followers on all social media accounts as your personal judges. 🤩 Once everyone is through decorating their house, snap a photo and label each house so your followers can comment on their favorite! 

What’s in it for the winner? They get to open a present or pull an item for their stocking! You can make the reward whatever you want but it’s gotta be something good so your kids spend lots and lots of time perfecting their house. 😉

2️⃣ Write letters to Santa 

Ummm… just because COVID is making us stay home doesn’t mean Santa is off duty!! He’s been safe and sound in the North Pole! Of course, he knows to wear his mask and sanitize after every home he visits! 😉 

If there’s anything I think we should do right now for our children it’s to embrace any bit of magic we can create for them to hold onto. After a year of so many regulations and cancellations, our kids deserve to embrace the exciting spirit of Santa Claus coming to town! 

What’s the best way to ensure Santa makes a stop at your home? By writing directly to him, duh! One evening, have your children grab a pen and paper and jot down their Christmas wishes. You can also spend the evening baking cookies for Santa and leaving out carrots of his hard-working reindeer. (You can’t forget about the reindeer)! 😉✨

Deck out the Pop N’ Go Playpen Holiday-Style! 

Magic is found in hanging up christmas lights and decorations. After the tree and frontyard is all set up, what does one do yet admire it? How about decorating some more?! Grab your Pop ‘N Go Playpen and allow your kids to go all-out with tinsel, lights, and their favorite holiday-themed stuffed animals. 

Before you know it, your Pop ‘N Go is going to look like a secret tunnel to a winter wonderland! ⛄️❄️☃️

Soak it all in…

Although it may not be as exciting to have everyone “home for the holidays,” considering we’ve spent most of the year home… try to soak in all the little magical moments with your kids. It’s in those moments where we find joy and contentment. Kids can turn any situation into a good one. If only we, as adults, could embrace the same holiday spirit that’s in our children, we’d hold the secret to true magic. ✨ 

Stay safe and be merry!