The Whole Family Can Benefit from The NEW California Beach Blankets

This Spring, we added the release of the California Beach Blankets to our online shop and boy, have we LOVED seeing how all our customers are using these versatile blankets! 🔥 This all-in-one backpack blanket is more than what meets the eye and we’re here to tell you how your whole family can benefit from this one product. 

What started out as inventing a large-enough beach blanket quickly turned into inventing the best outdoor blanket in general. Here in California, we are regular beach goers. We grew tired of having to pack five different beach towels for the family that always ended up becoming sandy and soaked by the end of the trip. 

We thought, why isn’t there a large beach blanket that is durable enough to withstand the sand and water? Just like that, we found ourselves outfitting the ultimate outdoor accessory. 

What’s so special about these outdoor blankets? 

The California Beach Blankets are designed to repel heat from the sun, and prevent water and sand absorption, so you can have the most pleasant experience in any outdoor climate. 

Aside from its durable construction, this blanket is massive. Measuring seven feet wide and seven feet long, this blanket can hold three average-sized adults comfortably. It’s perfect to take to the park with the whole family, arrange a picnic during the fall, or even take camping! 

What’s more, this outdoor blanket is designed with weighted corners but to ensure a secure placement, your order will include ground and sand stakes. Windy day for the beach? No worries when you have the California Beach Blanket! 

Oh—not to mention, it’s also made of organic materials and is machine washable. The organic bamboo makes it feel extremely soft and breathable, while also happening to be completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

The real selling point… 

I know — how much more value can this blanket bring? Well, it’s also a backpack. 

YEP. You read that right. 

Attached to a drawstring backpack, you don’t even have to worry about carrying this large blanket around. With additional space in the backpack, you can carry all your belongings and then some inside with your blanket! All you need in one place with one product. (A dream come true for the adventurers!) 

Where else can you take the California Beach Blankets? 

Take it to the beach, the park, the backyard, the pool, the campgrounds, and more. Honestly, this blanket can go with you anywhere. From setting it up inside as a palette for movie night to taking it with you on intense trails for a romantic picnic—this blanket has got you covered, literally. 

Enjoy nature and your company by snuggling up on this large outdoor mat. You won’t regret this multipurpose product!