The Proper Way to Set Up the Pop ‘N Go Playpen

So you’ve just received your new Pop N’ Go playpen, how exciting! 🤩 Before you rush to set it up, here are a few quick tips to help you get started. 

  1. Untie your drawstring and remove the bag by unrolling it down the folded playpen.
  2. You’ll notice that there is an included instruction sheet attached to the inside of the carrying case. Ideally, you should cut these instructions off for safety.
  3. Find the clasp up front and unhook it. 
  4. Flip your Pop N’ Go over and let it unfold itself.
  5. Make sure you aren’t standing on any of the fabric edges and pull your playpen up.

Here’s an important tip!

When first setting up a new Pop N’ Go, it can be easy for the fabric to get stuck on the hinges, making it impossible to pop the playpen into place. Check all of the corners to make sure none of the fabric is stuck before moving on to the next step.

Last steps: Pop the top down and you’ll hear a click. Then, place the safety clip on top, and you’re all set! 💃

A Few Extra Tips For Setup!

Be sure to check that the fabric isn’t stuck in the hinges when setting up your Pop N’ Go for the first time — this is a super common mistake to make! ⚠️

Also, when properly setting up, your Pop N’ Go should resemble a dome shape, not a tepee. It should also feel sturdy and not sway back and forth when pushed on. It can be easy to make the mistake of skipping the step of popping your playpen down into place and misplacing the safety clip. 

Putting Away Your Pop N’ Go

Now that you’ve mastered setting up your new Pop N’ Go, it’s time to practice packing it up. When you’re ready to put your playpen away, just follow these quick easy steps:

  1. Remove the safety clip.
  2. Pick any two opposing sides from the top star shaped part of the playpen.
  3. Grab the two sides, one with each hand, and pull in and up.
  4. Your Pop N’ Go will easily fold back in on itself.
  5. Pick it up, flip it back over and replace the clasp.

And That’s It!

We wanted to make the Pop N’ Go playpen, as easy as possible for parents to transport, set up, and take down. Not to toot our own horn or anything… but we’re pretty sure we’ve achieved that! 🥳 For a tutorial, check out the video below!