The Portable Playpen for Dummies

Finding the right playpen for kids can be difficult. You want something sturdy and reliable without being insanely large and difficult to assemble. Allow us to introduce... the portable playpen for dummies: the Pop N Go Playpen!
A Pop N Go Playpen positioned on the lake for a family to play

By Dummies, we mean Dads…

No offense, Dads, but you tend to make things a little more complicated than they need to be. We know that you’re awfully strong and you’re so handy that you could take just about anything apart and rebuilt it without even looking at a manual… we know. 

We’re not discrediting your handmanship, but it’s almost 2020. You’re a dummy when it comes to picking out the right gear for your kiddos! C’mon- we know you can agree that’s a mother’s job. You shouldn’t have to spend hours assembling your child’s play yard. 

Imagine buying a practical, easy-to-assemble, dummy-proof playpen for your kids that they love and that takes you seconds to assemble. That’s what you deserve. We can see you now… Watching your kids enjoy their awesome gift from Dad while you sit back and sip your favorite beer- a job well done. 

Well, we’re going to make that dream come alive, pal.
A father assembling the Pop N Go play yard by utilizing the patented pop-up technology

We’re in the business of making dad’s look good. 

Get ready to impress your wife when you come home with this high-quality play yard that your kids will love. The Pop N Go Playpen is not your ordinary play yard. It’s portable, light-weight, and completely dummy-proof.

The Pop N Go Tent takes seconds to assemble- hear that, Dad? Seconds. With a patented pop-up and pop-down technology, it's truly as simple as it looks. 

Not to mention, it’s light-weight and portable. This travel play area can go with you and your family to the beach, the backyard, or even inside your living room!

She’ll think it’s too good to be true...

Just when mom tries to burst your bubble and discredits your awesome purchase... “the kids will get too hot while sitting in the sun with this playpen.” That’s when you bring out the included UV shade covering that was specifically meant to prevent that type of situation from ever occurring! 

The weave mesh netting that circles the entire tent will keep a cool breeze flowing but the top of the tent will be shaded from the direct sunlight. Boom! Can’t argue with genius. 
A dad covering the pop n play yard with the UV shade covering to protect from the sun while playing on the lake

You are officially Dummy-Proof. 

Just like that, you’ve earned your stripes. Your child’s playpen will never degrade you again, you won! Now the real question is, which color Pop N Go would your child like?

A father carrying the Pop N Go portable playpen within the shoulder strap bag on the way to the beach

The Pop N Go Tent’s come in orange, black, and now PINK! Order yours today!
Cheers, Dad!