The Pop 'N Go Playpen earned the PTPA Seal of Approval!

We are thrilled and proud to announce that The California Beach Co. has earned the PTPA Seal of Approval! Being a Parent Tested and Parent Approved product is such a huge honor that we have worked so hard to ensure we would receive! 

When we decided to make an innovative product for children and families, we knew that we had to deliver on our quality. The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is a modern playpen that’s durable, portable, lightweight, and premium in quality. The California Beach Co. has made its way in the children’s play accessory market by designing a great product that is safe to use and actually built to last. 

After all–this company is founded by parents—it would be shameful to create a product for other families that we wouldn’t use ourselves. The California Beach Co. does not settle on quality. We want to put an end to cheap, misleading kid’s products. 


“I think we’ve gained our popularity from really prioritizing the needs of our customers and setting a high standard of quality,” says Wright. “Our products aren’t cheap throwaway items — they’re meant to be cherished pieces to build memories around. I think our fanbase gets that.” 

What does the PTPA Seal of Approval mean? 

It means that parents back our brand. It means that we have proven ourselves as a credible, trusted resource to parents of all kinds and backgrounds, which is all we’ve ever wanted to do. 

The PTPA Seal of Approval is one of the most credible and influential consumer product awards that a company can receive. This free community empowers consumers–or, in better words, parents—to share their feedback on qualifying products to make better-informed decisions when shopping for their kids. 

When it comes to the PTPA seal, there’s only one way to obtain it and that’s through the consumers. 

The California Beach Co. was founded in 2018, and instantly became a Kickstarter and Indiegogo smash hit, raising over $500,000 in the first 30 days of operations. As we’ve continued to build our brand and fanbase, there’s been no better way to promote our product than through our customers. 

YOU should be in control of what products are recommended for you. You should have a say in what really deserves to be a “trusted product.” 

We are proud to be backed by Parent Tested Parent Approved

We look at PTPA as a fellow company that is serving the same customers that we serve. There needs to be more trustworthy products on the market in general–but especially when involving our children. 

The Pop ‘N Go play tent really delivers on everything it says it does. Made of breathable mesh netting, polyester siding, and sturdy fiberglass framing, this versatile structure is anything but cheap or misleading. 

... But don’t take our word for it—BELIEVE THE SEAL OF APPROVAL! 🤩😉

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