The Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen is a Must-Have Fall Backyard Accessory

Depending on where you are, you might be catching the fall feels… literally. As we gear up towards cooler and hopefully calmer months, it’s no joke that we all could use some fresh air. If you’ve been lucky enough to share this time period of social distancing with a furry loved one, then it’s safe to say that your pet is probably feeling a little cooped up, too. 

You may be around a lot more than normal which every pet is sure to love, but pets are very intuitive and regimen, too. They can sense when something isn’t right and they also know it's been awhile since they went to the dog park or the local coffee shop where their favorite cashier makes the best puppuccinos. 😌

With all that said, it’s important to hold space for our pet’s comfort during this time as well. What better way to spend quality time with your pet than in the great outdoors? With coolers days ahead, you can have a fun, playful experience with your pet right in your very own backyard. 

No matter what your situation is for a backyard, the Pop ‘N Go Pet’s Playpen is the perfect accessory to spend countless hours playing and relaxing while getting some much-needed fresh air. 

Your Pet Needs The Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen 

Our animals can’t truly tell us how they’re feeling but we can always assume or predict what they really need. There’s a difference between what your pet may want and what they actually need. They want a piece of your chocolate but you know that isn’t good for them. What they need isn’t always obvious to them and it can also slip our minds! 

However, there’s nothing more your pet needs than time outdoors. 

Even domesticated animals have an innate connection with the outdoors. Our pets are built to run and play. When we take this away from their daily routine, we’re bound to see them act out, become clingy, or get depressed. Dogs need a break from it all, too. 

The Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen Gives Your Pet the Break They Need

Simply grab the Pop ‘N Go tent and walk outside. Set up the tent and allow your pet to know that’s their safe zone. They can run and play, but they can always come back to relax in the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen. It’s a designated space for them to lay comfortably out of the sun, respect the environment around them, and stay put without feeling confined. 

Take advantage of your community park or your backyard—no matter how small the space is, when you allow your pet to smell the fresh air and roll around in the grass, they will feel revived and happy. 

Sometimes, I wish that’s all it took for us humans to get back on track. 😌🐶🐱🌳🍂🍃☀️

Grab a Pop ‘N Go Playpen for Your Pet here!

NOTE: Our hugely popular Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen has a new name: The Pop 'N Go Mini Playpen... check it out here!