The Pop N’ Go Makes Getting Out of the House with Kids and Pets a Breeze

We all know that parenting is a tough job, but it really puts things into perspective when you’re trying to pack everything up and get out of the house with kids in tow. From sippy cups to snacks to diapers, you’re suddenly responsible for getting so many things in order before you can go anywhere. It can feel defeating and may even lead you to want to give up altogether and just stay inside. 🙃

Now, if you’ve got pets and kids, this challenge becomes even more amplified. On top of all the preparations required to leave, you now have to focus on getting to your destination and having it be kid-friendly as well as safe for your pet. So, what’s the solution? 

The Pop N’ Go Playpen, of course! Here are a few reasons why the Pop N’ Go Playpen makes life with pets and kids ten times easier. 😜

Outdoor activities just got so much easier 😎

You no longer have to worry about finding an area that’s safe for your baby and pet. Simply set up your Pop N’ Go just about anywhere, and you’ve got a guaranteed safe and shady spot to set your baby down while your dog runs around and plays. The included UV shade cover keeps your baby protected from excessive sun and can even help keep them cool. 

Super compact and easy to set up 🤩

Despite it being extremely spacious, the Pop N’ Go Playpen is actually very compact and lightweight once folded up. This playpen only weighs seven pounds and can be set up and folded down in seconds. These features make it perfect to take with you anywhere, even when you’ve got kids and pets with you. The Pop N’ Go also comes equipped with a carrying bag, making it super simple to sling it over your shoulder when heading out for the day. 🙌🏼

Great for kids and pets 🐶

That’s right, your playpen can be used as a safe place to lay your baby while your pet plays outside and vice versa! Let your baby play in the grass while your dog rests in the shady playpen. This playpen was expertly designed to be versatile and serve multiple purposes for families of all types — even those with fur babies. 😉

At the end of the day, getting out of the house doesn’t have to be a challenge. We all know how important it can be to get out into the world when you’re feeling cooped up as a parent. At California Beach Co., we’re working to make more adventures possible for families everywhere. ☺️✨