The Perfect Play Yard for Soccer Moms

Are you wondering how the world’s best playpen, the Pop N’ Go, actually works?

Today, we bring you a video series in which soccer moms and their kids demonstrate how to use Pop N’ Go playpens.

There are reasons why parents don’t usually carry playpens to the soccer field. Most playpens are either too bulky or take too much time to assemble. But with the Pop N’ Go, you won’t have these problems. Have a look at how easy it is to travel with & assemble the Pop N’ Go:

Pop N’ Go Set Up & Take Down in Seconds

Easy Travel Pack and Play For Kids

And when you bring your Pop N’ Go out to the field, we’re sure other soccer moms will want to have their kids stay inside it. But how many children can play inside the Pop N’ Go? The answer can be found below:

How Many Kids Can You Fit in a Playpen?

Finally, the video below sums up why soccer moms will want the Pop N’ Go.

The Perfect Play Yard for Soccer Moms

Enjoy the videos!