The Perfect Girl's Night Out Featuring the California Beach Blankets

Nothing beats a night out with the girls, but sometimes it gets old going to the same bars and restaurants — especially with the long wait times and weekend crowds. Switch it up this weekend by grabbing your California Beach Blanket, a nice bottle of wine and have a relaxing night out at the beach or your favorite park! 🌷✨

Girl time and fresh air are good for the soul!

Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is seriously so good for your health. Improving mood, benefitting the immune system, and helping your body naturally detox are just a few of the positive impacts that a little fresh air and sunshine can have on the body. 🌿

We all know the benefits of girl time, of course! Few things are as relaxing as sipping on some wine with your closest group of lady friends. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a killer sunset. 🌅

Why the California Beach Blanket is the best addition to girl’s night…

The California Beach Blankets are the perfect addition to your next girl’s night. These cozy blankets are spacious enough to fit up to three adults, so you won’t have to worry about packing a blanket for every individual person! The weighted corners, ground stakes, and water-resistant material make this blanket perfect for any weather condition. And we can’t forget the non-toxic, organic bamboo material that makes this blanket safe and eco-friendly. 😍🌍

Take this blanket anywhere, literally.

The California Beach Blanket can easily be folded and packed into the included backpack to be taken to any outdoor destination. You can even store your things in the velcro and zipper pockets! Whether you’re planning a sunny beach day or a picnic at the park, this cozy blanket is the perfect foundation. 🙌🏼

Three beautiful prints available! 

As if this blanket wasn’t already the epitome of versatility — it’s also available in three different color options. The muted tones and trendy patterns might make it hard for you to choose your favorite, but that’s a problem that we don’t mind having! 😎

Switch up the girl’s night plans!

So, next time the girls are planning a night out and aren’t sure what to do, we’ve got you covered! All you’ll need to do is set up your California Beach Blanket at your favorite park or beach access, have your friends bring some food and wine, and you’re ready for an evening of memory making and bonding with the gals. Cheers, ladies! 🥂🥰