The California Voyager Blanket is Ideal for Gathering

Many people look forward to the month of November as a time to connect with loved ones and spend time in good company. Whether you plan to leave town to visit your family this holiday season or are hosting family members yourself, keep in mind that the California Voyager Blanket offers the perfect foundation for a gathering with friends and family. 🥰

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it: 

Have a Family Movie Night 🍿

The California Voyager Blanket is the perfect way to snuggle up at home on a cold evening. Lay it down in your living room with some pillows and extra blankets to create the perfect space for a family movie night with your loved ones. ☺️

This blanket is perfect for indoor use and outdoor use — something that many people don’t even realize! With a super soft material and space for up to three adults, there is plenty of room to get cozy with kids and loved ones. 

Host an Evening Picnic 🌙

Why not branch out from the typical daytime picnic and host one in the evening. Find your favorite park, pack up some good food and outdoor games, and head out just before sunset. You can enjoy the crisp autumn air and some quality time with all of your favorite people. 🥂

The California Voyager Blanket is ideal for outdoor use because it offers weighted corners and ground stakes that keep it in place no matter the weather condition. The material is also sand and water resistant and machine washable, making maintenance an absolute breeze. 🙌🏼

Plan a Visit to the Beach ☀️

Who said you can only visit the beach on a hot summer day? Beach trips in the fall are actually surprisingly enjoyable! Choose a day when the sun is shining and head to the coast with your California Voyager Blanket. You’ll be able to enjoy the cooler weather and calming atmosphere of the ocean without the big crowds of beach-goers that flock to the beach during the summer — think of it as your own private little oasis. 😎

The California Voyager Blanket is an incredibly versatile and useful accessory for just about any family. Take it one your next vacation or set it up at home; the possibilities are endless with this soft, weather resistant, spacious blanket. Pair it with the Voyager Travel Pillow if you’re looking for ultimate comfort that can be taken on the go with you. Our travel pillow is super soft, supportive, and folds up to ¼ of its size to make it travel-friendly. 🤩