The Biggest Baby Shower Ever 2019 | Pop N Go

If you get the chance to attend one of the biggest baby shower events hosted by Big City Moms, it’s a must-go. We had such a blast showcasing the Pop N Go playpen with the families of Los Angeles! Here’s our look inside this fun-filled and supportive event. We also learned a couple of things that weren’t at all what we expected…
The founders of the Pop N Go Playpen and their wives posing at the picture backdrop opp at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event

What is the Biggest Baby Shower Event? 

The Biggest Baby Shower Event is exactly what the name suggests. This event provides all the details on the top baby products and gear under one roof! It’s the perfect event for expecting mothers and fathers, as well as the whole family! (All children enter for free!)

Not only will you be able to discover the top brands on the market but there’s also games and activities for your little ones, a show floor of top products, samples, seminars, munchie foods, and chances to win prizes!

These events are expanding in a variety of cities! Click here to see if there is an event going on in your area! Tickets are available to purchase at the link, too.

The entrance balloons that read Big City Moms at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event
About Big City Moms 

Big City Moms is the nation’s largest resource for new and expectant parents! Big City Moms brings together top brands and experts that are well-researched, parent-focused, and hip. With each event and each new city, they curate an unbeatable collection of fun and informative offerings to help orient and educate new parents everywhere.

The set up spot for the Pop N Go Playpen on the showroom floor at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever eventIntroducing the World’s Best Playpen: Pop N’ Go

We had the honor and privilege to have a spot on the showroom floor! The showroom allows all exhibitors an opportunity to browse the floor. The showroom offers an exclusive look inside the best of the best of all baby gear/products!

You will have the opportunity to talk with the company about the products you’re interested in and test them out! Get ready to shop because most vendors have products available to purchase and of course, have some fun!
A young girl checking out the Pink Pop N Go play yard at the Biggest Family Shower Ever event hosted by Big City Moms

What We Learned: Your Kids Will Tell You What They Love 

Obviously, most children have no problem telling you everything they want when you go down the toy aisle; we get it. What we learned that came as a surprise is that most kids are just overwhelmed with excitement in getting a new toy (at first). They don’t really know what they actually want until they really get the chance to experience it and that’s what they can do at this event.

We learned that most kids bolted to what they loved and they would always gravitate back to it if they truly loved/wanted it. We had multiple families pop in (pun intended) and then they’d be back because their child wanted to play some more in the Pop N Go tent! 

Many families found themselves hanging around at our pop-up for 20-30 minutes because they were already having a blast in the Pop Up tent! Check out this awesome picture below- the ENTIRE FAMILY decided to have some fun! It was incredible! 
An entire family sitting inside the Black Pop N Go tent at the Biggest Baby Shower Event

Biggest Takeaway: The Community 

This was the most unexpected part of the event. We thought that the biggest takeaway was obviously going to be selling our products. We thought for the families attending, the biggest takeaway would be getting in touch with the best brands and products. 

Now, we’re not saying that wasn’t a big deal because it certainly was… but what tops that is the community gained from this event. 

This is the perfect networking event for first-time moms or “seasoned” parents (ha)! There were so many happy faces and meaningful conversations. It was so much better than we could’ve imagined. 

Two young moms laying in the Pop N Go Tent enjoying their time together at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever event

If you have the opportunity to go to one of these events, make it happen! Take the whole family! You might leave broke 🤣, but you’ll also leave with a sense of belonging and a number of new friends!

Now, we know that you don’t need to wait till the Biggest Baby Shower comes to your area to buy your very own HIGH QUALITY PLAY YARD!

Order yours TODAY! Happy Shopping!