Stay Cozy with the California Voyager Blanket

The weather is cooling down and the holidays are right around the corner. This time of year is all about coziness as we break out our favorite holiday decor and snuggle up with our loved ones. One of our favorite ways to stay cozy during the cooler months is with the California Voyager Blanket. Many people realize the functionality of this durable outdoor accessory but not everyone understands just how soft and cozy it truly is. Below, we’re listing a few ways to get extra cozy with the California Voyager Blanket. 🥰

1. Have an Outdoor Movie Night 🍿🌙

Once the weather begins to cool down, you may feel like you want to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the chilly breeze. One of our favorite ways to use the California Voyager Blanket is to get outside with your family. Set up a projector in your backyard and snuggle up for an outside movie night. Your kids will love it and we promise you’ll be super comfortable -- just don’t forget the popcorn! 😉

2. Set Up a Cozy Spot Inside 😎

We all know that the California Voyager Blanket is great for outdoor use but it also works great inside as well. Simply make sure your blanket is clean (it is machine washable, by the way) and lay it out in your living room, TV room, or your kids’ play room. Throw down some extra pillows and blankets and you’ve got the perfect spacious spot to stretch out and relax with your family. You can use your California Voyager Blanket as a place to read stories with your kids, play board games, or to stretch out and watch your favorite movie. This blanket is spacious enough to fit three adults, so you’ll have plenty of space for the whole family. 🙌🏼

3. Take it on an Adventure! 🍂

The California Voyager Blanket is perfect for outdoor adventures, even on a chilly day. Easily pack it up into the included backpack and take it anywhere. Our favorite choices are a grassy park, nature trail, or the beach. The soft, cozy material is sure to keep your family warm and any wind or rain won’t stand a chance against the durable, weather proof material! 😄

4. Don’t Forget Your Voyager Travel Pillow 

If you want to make the most out of your California Voyager Blanket then you’ll likely want to try out one of our Voyager Travel Pillows as well. These foldable pillows are comfortable, compact and they fold down into ¼ of their full size! Not to mention, the eye-catching colors and patterns match perfectly with those of the California Voyager Blanket. This soft and cozy pillow will make any gatherings on the California Voyager Blanket even more comfortable! 😎