Snuggle Up With Your California Beach Blanket: For Indoor and Outdoor Use!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most of our customers know that the California Beach Blanket is the perfect accessory for outdoor activities, but you know what a lot of them don’t realize? 

A lot of people don’t know that the California Beach Blankets are so much more than just an outdoor picnic blanket or simple beach towel. The versatility of this blanket extends beyond just a beach day or park excursion — it’s even soft enough for a cozy night in!

When we created these extra large blankets, we knew we were onto something great. We knew we were creating the best beach blanket on the market, but I’m not sure we realized just how useful this handy accessory would truly be… 

Key Features

We designed this blanket with parents (including dog moms) in mind. A couple of thoughtfully designed features are what make the California Beach Blanket the perfect family accessory, for kids and pets alike.  

Natural Material: Our beach blankets are made with organic bamboo, so they are safe and non-toxic for kids and babies of all ages. This water and sand-resistant material is also surprisingly soft and cozy. 

Practical Storage: Equipped with practical storage features such as a secret zipper pocket and a built-in drawstring backpack design, this blanket can be conveniently packed up in seconds and it’s easy to transport — even when you’ve got a baby on your hip. 

Tasteful Designs: Our eye catching yet neutral tones can join in with any living room’s aesthetic when you lay this mat down for tummy time for your newborn or as a place to lay and watch movies with your bigger kiddos.

Machine Washable: We all know that kids are messy. Our blanket is the perfect thing to lay down for indoor activities. Just scoop it up and toss it in the washing machine when the kids are all done!

Weighted Corners: This is a safe choice to pack on a windy day. Weighted corners and the ability to stake it down to the ground help this blanket withstand virtually any weather conditions that are thrown your way.

The Only Blanket Your Family Needs 

The California Beach Blanket is literally the only blanket your family needs. This blanket is large enough for everyone to fit, measuring seven feet by seven feet. Needless to say, you can forget about packing a beach towel for each individual family member. Those days are over! 

Representing durability and versatility, this blanket is something that you and your family will use for years and years. It can follow your kids from diapers, through elementary school and beyond. Basically, we’ve got you covered (literally) every step of the way. 

The California Beach Blanket is an ideal, functional accessory that every household needs. Shop our collection of backpack blankets here