Sensory Time in The Pop ‘N Go Playpen: Try These Activities!

We’re always here to be a resource on creative ways to use your Pop ‘N Go Kids Playpen. Although this playpen is designed for kids of all ages, let’s focus on the youngin’s right now. From infants to toddlers, sensory time is an important part of your child’s development but it can be hard to come up with new ways to incorporate sensory activities into your daily life! 

The Pop ‘N Go Playpen can serve as a GREAT spot for your kiddos to participate in sensory activities. Not only can you hang things from the “rooftop” of the playpen for babies, but you can also set up a full sensory experience inside the playpen, indoors or outdoors, (which helps regulate the mess)! 


Sensory play is a crucial part of learning in many ways. This practice strengthens the brain’s pathways, supports cognitive growth, develops motor skills, and enhances memory. Stimulation of the senses will cause your child to have “aha” moments that will lead to making important connections. It is so powerful to introduce exploration in safe, creative, and fun ways. By doing so, you are teaching your child that learning can be joyful!

It’s also a great way to teach appropriate social interaction. Body awareness is a part of discovering our senses. They help us to understand where our bodies exist in space. By understanding this, we can start to understand our presence in relation to our peers. Also, sensory learning is a very active kind of play that often requires and/or thrives on peer interaction. 

Processing sensory information is necessary, but it can be fun too! It’s all about encouraging curiosity and exploration. With the Pop N Go Playpen, your child will embark on endless adventures. This portable playground will cause them to use their sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste to solve problems and make discoveries. 

Try one of these sensory activities in the Pop ‘N Go Playpen based on your child’s age! 

Hang Up a Baby Mobile in Your Pop ‘N Go Playpen 

Aside from helping your baby doze off to sleep, baby mobiles are a great way for your little one to earn valuable sensory stimulation as well. They're visually entertaining and encourage your child to look and potentially touch!

Create an Exclusive Sandbox or Water Toy Bin with your Pop ‘N Go!

Don’t you love that this playpen can also be easily set up outdoors?! Let your child get some fresh air while playing with water or sand! These types of activities knock out 4 of 5 senses! (We’ve saved the tasting sense for lunch time 😉). Allow your kids to get messy and experience different textures. This will further their development and they’ll have a blast while doing it! 

You can simply rinse out the Pop ‘N Go Playpen afterwards and allow it to air dry. The material is water-resistant, so there’s no worries in making it a messy zone at times! 

Last but not least, Make Your Playpen into a Homemade Ball Pit! 

We wrote an entire blog post on this activity which you can check out here! We have links to everything you need to make this the ultimate fun sensory experience! 

Sensory Activities Made Easy

As you can see, there are so many different ideas you can do for sensory activity using your Pop ‘N Go Playpen! Allow your kids to explore their senses and get a better understanding of their surroundings!

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