Poppin N' Goin all around the world! International Expansion Is Underway

There’s no greater feeling than knowing that the Pop ‘N Go Playpen is going to touch lives on a global scale. Yep, get ready. Canada, we’re coming to you first! 
Pop N Go Playpen at the beach in Santa Monica, California

International Expansion is Underway!

We are over-the-moon to announce that the Pop N Go Play Yard is getting cultured! We're currently launching in Canada and we have plans for Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Japan very soon!
All the Pop N Go Tents and accessories will be available to shop for Canada this month- August 2019! We will let you know more details on the others as we approach the official launch dates! We know that so many families are going to love their Pop Up Play Yard. 

Why is global business important? 

Global business is so exciting because it means we get to dip into an entirely new market, which means we can be of value to even MORE families! The purpose of our playpen is for families of all kinds to have a better, more playful experience within their everyday lives. Whether your “family” consists of babies, kids, cats, or dogs… this lightweight play area can be of service!

Going global proves to our current customers that our brand is thriving; that we have created a product that serves our customers correctly, and we are not slowing down. We’re so proud of that! There’s nothing we wanted more than to bring families closer together through our innovation. 

Help us spread the word! 

We can’t wait to see the endless pictures of families enjoying their portable Pop N Go tent in a variety of places…  BUT in order to get the word out, we need your help! Please join us in spreading the news! Share this article to your social media or call up your international friends and let them hear the good news! They’ll be so glad you told them about a high quality play yard that their kids will love and that’s actually easy to assemble, too!

Alright, alright… we’ll let you get to it! It’s needless to say, but we are so excited about this new journey and we’re so grateful for all our customers! Thank you for believing in our product and sharing your satisfaction with others. We wouldn’t be here without you! Cheers! 
Pop Up Tent for Kids

We love you guys! - The California Beach Co Team