Pop Off The New Year With The World’s Best Playpen!

As the masses are saying right now… Happy New Year! As lovely as it was to take some time off and regroup with friends and family, we are thrilled to be back to work making products that we love! With that being said, how about we pop off the new year to the world’s best playpen?

No better way to Pop… literally! 

We talk a lot about how to be your best parent here and I think your kids will greatly appreciate a “toast” that makes sense to them. 😉

Save the bubbly for the adults and pop off the new year with your kids by surprising them with their own Pop N Go Playpen! Yes, you caught us. We’re doing a little play on words here… but it’s for good reason! Not that your kids didn’t get enough toys and fun under the tree this Christmas, but they truly will be shocked when you surprise them with their new Pop N Go!

With a patented pop-up and pop-down technology, this playpen checks off as the best in the eyes of the parent and your children! It’s simple, safe, and fun! The Pop N Go Tent is super lightweight and can be used inside or outside, which makes it easy for us parents! POP OFF in seconds, literally! Check out this video to see for yourself! 👇🏻


Imagine the places your Pop N Go will go with you and your family this year! It includes a portable shoulder bag, making it easy for travel. Can we just go ahead and say the best portable playpen on the market?!

As parents, we have a lot of similar resolutions. I’m sure all of us are hoping to gain closer relationships with our kids, hoping to know how to parent as they get older, hoping to know how to “remain cool” in their lives and spend as much quality time together as possible...

The Pop N Go Playpen can help keep those resolutions alive and thriving. Regardless of popping off the new year with our pop n go or not, we hope that we’ve encouraged you to hug your family a little tighter and celebrate with one another as you take on another year as one big, happy family! 

Bye-bye Bubbly, It’s Back to Business! 

We hope you greeted the year with loads of celebration and happiness. We were eager to start 2020 because we’re just so excited for what’s to come… which really means what we plan to bring to YOU! 

Remember the feeling when you popped off that bottle of your favorite bubbly and made memories you’ll probably be talking about throughout this whole new decade as you step back into reality. 

We CAN’T WAIT to see you POP OFF in your very own Pop N Go Playpen, making ever-lasting memories each and every day of the years to come. Cheers, friends!