Pop N Go Play Tent: Stake the Stress Away

Are you tired of the cheap travel gear you drag around dreadingly for your kids? Those days are long gone, now that you’ve found the Pop N Go Play Tent. 

Hey, fam! The California Beach Co was established by a wife and hubby duo that couldn’t afford to lug around cheap and heavy equipment for their kiddos any longer! They decided to bring a new and improved playpen to the market: The Pop N Go Playpen for kids.

There’s nothing more simple than this pop up tent. With a patented pop-up and pop-down technology, this high quality tent can be put up in seconds, literally. 

Hear it straight from one of our awesome customers! We told you! 😉

Stake the Stress Away! 

There are several benefits and features included with the Pop N Go Playpen, but the feature that seals the deal on safety is the included ground stakes. First, let’s discuss all the safety features that are within this playpen.

We’re all parents here; so, we understand that the equipment you allow your child to play in needs to be 100 percent safe. For starters, this pop up play area is ASTM International and SGS Safety-Certified so we covered our bases there.
Young boy playing at the beach in his pop n go playpen
We knew that we needed to do more for this play area to be the best suited for our kids as they grow up, so that’s where we decided to perfect the design as this hexagon-shaped structure. This lightweight play area does not topple over, thanks to the shape and safety lock within the pop-up technology. You never have to worry about your little one’s tent getting crushed on while rough-housing! What a relief, right?! 

Another benefit that makes it safe for our kids is the breathability within the tent. This travel play area is made of strong weave-mesh netting, so there’s a constant breeze flowing through to keep your child comfortable and refreshed.
Mother putting the UV shade cover over the pop n go play yard
If you’re worried about the hot summer days when there’s a little-to-no breeze, your child will still be protected thanks to the UV shade cover that’s included in each Pop N Go order. 

Now, let’s stake the stress away. If for any reason, you feel that your Pop N Go is going to catch the wind, (it is a lightweight play yard, but it’s built to stand on its own), you can easily push the four ground stakes into the legs of the tent, and that baby isn’t going anywhere! 

Are you officially at ease? A playpen for all ages that is safe, practical, and portable. No, you’re not dreaming. This is just the best portable playpen!
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