Planning a Vacation Soon? Take Your Pup With You in The Pop N Go Pets Playpen

As you look forward to the next vacation you take, what do you envision? Most of us will probably make our travels by car for now and with that, you can consider bringing your pet along with you! The Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen performs as the perfect travel crate, especially on trips.

If your dog or cat is a small to medium size, you don’t always have to leave them at home. With this pet playpen, it’s easier than ever to take your sidekick with you wherever you go. 

Include Your Fur Babies on Your Family Vacation 

If you’re reading this article, we have a hunch you love your fur babies like family. We understand! Our pets are a part of our tribe and they play an integral part in our day-to-day lives. When you make memories with your family, chances are your pets are part of that picture. 

With that said, why leave them out of your family vacation plans? If you’re going on a camping trip, trekking to a family reunion or visiting loved ones, your dog doesn’t have to stay home. In fact, they’re probably jonesing for an adventure just as much as you are. 

With the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen, your pup can easily nestle in the back of the car while you set out on your getaway. Due to its sturdy structure, it won’t wane or warp while on the road. In addition, this pet pack and play allows for plenty of airflow. You won’t have to worry about breathability while your pet is tucked away in their tent. 

Once you reach your destination, the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen can immediately turn into your pet’s home away from home. It doubles as a kennel and sleeping area and will give your furry friend a feeling of familiar comfort. This is essential to your pet feeling safe, especially if they’re tentative about being in new places. 

When it’s time to pack up, this pop-up pet playpen can turn right back into a travel crate. You’ll love how easy it is to travel with your pet and their pen, and they’ll love being included in the fun.

Flying Solo? Bring Your Co-Pilot

Is it just you and your fur baby? If so, plan a trip you’ll both never forget! Take a solo road trip or go backpacking with your companion - you’ll gain plenty of reflection time without feeling alone. The Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen is so minimal and multi-functional, you can bring your pet with you and still pack lightly. To add, this is an especially great way to bond with a newly adopted or rescued dog.  

The Most Versatile and Easy-to-Use Travel Crate

The Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen was created to make your life easier and thrive in terms of versatility. These two priorities set it apart from the clunky travel crates of the traditional variety. 

Never again will you need a separate travel crate, kennel, and sleeping space for your dog. This dog pen easily folds up at a moment’s notice, and even includes pockets for storage! This all-in-one item will save you space, money, and clutter. Besides, once your pup checks out their playpen, they won’t be interested in the rest. These shady shelters are so comforting and cuddly, they’ll quickly claim their territory. 

Put This Tent to the Test

Take a vacation with your pup and see for yourself how this travel crate is better than the rest. You’ll quickly get used to its easy mobility and versatility, and your pet will settle right in as well. Whether you’re road-trippin’, camping or taking a quick trip to the park, your pet will feel safe and secure in their very own space. 

NOTE: Our hugely popular Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen has a new name: The Pop 'N Go Mini Playpen... check it out here!