Our Company Goal Every Year: Putting an End to Cheap, Misleading Kid Products

Designed with our own kids in mind, parents everywhere are absolutely loving the Pop ‘N Go Playpen. We want our customers to know that we are constantly striving to develop new products for parents and kids alike. We put a strong focus on functionality, practicality, and of course, quality

The Pop ‘N Go comes fully assembled and can be set up in seconds. This lightweight and spacious playpen can also be used as a sunshade or travel crib and is super easy to carry around. As parents ourselves, we know the annoyance that comes along with owning a big bulky product that can only be used every once in a while. Our goal is to do the complete opposite, developing products that are easy to set up and can be used daily. 

2020 In Review 💭

Every year, we set the intention to grow and develop our products more and more. Goals are not something that we take lightly over here. We’re constantly striving to find ways to make life easier for the other parents out there — we know that it’s not an easy job. Customers will always come first for us and we’ll never compromise our high standards for quality.

We didn’t stop at just playpens — in 2020, we added bamboo mattress covers to our collection of patented products and even upgraded our design. Combine one of our self-inflating mattresses with the bamboo mattress cover to make your Pop ‘N Go even more versatile. The lightweight design, super easy set up, and included travel bag make it the perfect travel crib to take literally anywhere. 

Our California Beach Blankets are another great addition to add to your home. These durable yet soft blankets include weighted corners to withstand a windy day and make for the perfect foundation for a family beach day or picnic in the park. And I’m sure you could have guessed it by now, but they’re also lightweight and come designed as a drawstring backpack!

The Future is Bright ✨

2020 might have been a crazy year for just about everyone, but we’re turning lemons into lemonade here at California Beach Co.! 🍋 

A new year means even more ways to serve our community with well-intentioned, practically-designed products. We truly cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for our company, our products, and our loyal customers. Big things are coming and we’re so excited to have you along for the ride! 

Cheers! Shop our Storefront here.