NEW PRODUCT ALERT: California Beach Blankets!

Did you hear the news? We’ve added a new collection to The California Beach Co. Shop: California Beach Blankets! 🎉The first and only high-quality microfiber ripstop polyester beach blanket that happens to also serve as a drawstring backpack! Here’s everything you need to know about these backpack blankets and WHY you need to get your hands on one NOW! 

The Perfect Year-Round Blanket for the Outdoors 

Don’t be fooled… California Beach Blankets are for much more than just the beach! The properties that make up this blanket are perfect for the beach, but you’ll quickly come to find out that this blanket is going to basically become the ultimate outdoor hangout spot. 

If you’re a customer of our patented Pop ‘N Go Playpen, you know that we create innovative products that are designed to make your life easier, simpler, and a lot more fun! We believe that getting outdoors is sometimes the best medicine and quality time is most important. That’s why we went ahead and designed the most practical and functional outdoor accessory—so you can spend more time outdoors comfortably with the people you love. Win, win! 

HERE’S THE CLIFF NOTES VERSION to explain how our outdoor blanket is the best 😎

It’s large and in charge!

This blanket is big, y’all! You can easily fit three adults comfortably. Say goodbye to hauling 10 different towels to the beach or park—we’ve got you covered—literally. 😉

It’s weighted! 

Yep, all four corners of this blanket are weighted so you can head down to the water for a quick dip or run after your little ones without having to run after your stuff later. Don’t worry, we’ll hold the fort down for ya. 😌

It’s resistant to basically everything you don’t like about the outdoors.

Nobody likes laying on a wet, sandy towel or returning to a scorch pad. California Beach Blankets are innovatively designed with ingredients that make it sand-resistant, water-resistant, and heat-resistant! Hello, fun in the sun! ☀️

The secret is out, but it’s safe with us! 

We designed a secret zipper enclosure within the bag so you can store all your valuable items without anyone ever knowing. 🤫 This will also help keep your devices from overheating or getting sticky and sandy. 

Last but not least, it’s also a BACKPACK! 

We weren’t lying when we said this is the only outdoor accessory you need! This is really a drawstring backpack that happens to also be a blanket. Either way, you can take this blanket with you anywhere and you’ll still have plenty of room within the backpack for additional towels, sunscreen, or whatever else you may need! Do we really need to do any more convincing? 😎


California Beach Blankets are made of organic and non-toxic bamboo for maximum comfort and durability. Its uniquely soft and breathable material is tough and non-irritating. Easily carry your outdoor luxury in the drop of a bag. ✨✨✨

BIG deals happening RIGHT NOW on this BIG blanket! 

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