Make a Home-Made Ball Pit With The Pop N Go Playpen

How is your family holding up during these crazy times? Although all of us are probably going a little stir-crazy locked in our homes, we encourage you to focus on how much of a blessing that truly is! Good health combined with a safe shelter in place is invaluable at all times, but especially right now. 

To help with the madness at home, we know just the thing to entertain your kids and give them something fun to do during “lockdown.” 

The Pop N Go Playpen is a “Fun” Kind Of Lockdown! 

There’s a good possibility your kids are either driving you crazy or going crazy themselves. Well, we have a solution that makes lockdown pretty fun! 

With the help of the Pop N Go Playpen, your kiddos can be safely accounted for; however, not feel trapped! It’s the best of both worlds. The Pop N Go Tent can be set up inside or outside. Within seconds, you can have this lightweight playpen locked and loaded with happy kiddos. 

Locked and Loaded as a Home-Made Ball Pit!

Are you running out of fun activities indoors for your kids? The Pop N Go has always served as a great hangout or shaded area for young children, but converting the playpen into a ball pit may be one of our favorite concepts for it yet! 

There are several ball pit balls found on Amazon that you’ll have to purchase separately from your Pop N Go Playpen. Who needs to pay to visit an indoor playground when you can make a ball pit right at home?! (Also, think about how much more sanitary these balls are compared to the ones in those big indoor gyms!!!) 

How To Make a Home-Made Ball Pit in Three Simple Steps

  1. Purchase a Pop N Go tent!
  2. Purchase a set of ball pit balls on Amazon! Our favorite order is this one. 
  3. Once your orders arrive, place the balls in the Pop N Go, zip the door, and BOOM! Home-made ball pit. Watch the video below to see how easy it really is to convert the Pop N Go into a Ball Pit!

 Your kids are going to LOVE this activity! Another benefit of this activity is the sensory exploration! Sensory play is extremely important to the overall development of your children! Activities like this will help them discover their senses and have a boatload of fun! 

We can’t wait to see your families having a blast in their Pop N Go Ball Pit! Be sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram and Facebook, @thecaliforniabeachco!