Let Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild - Literally

Oh, to be a kid again. From the perspective of a child, everything is out of the ordinary and anything is possible. How fun is that? Our kiddos are bursting with creativity and it would be a shame not to let their imaginations run wild. Allowing this freedom early on will grant your child permission to dream big and see life as the adventure that it is.  

Make-Believe Forms Our Reality

Being imaginative is necessary for a child’s development. This is a very important type of play for children; story-telling is a skill that helps us make sense of our reality. It also helps with problem-solving, forming identity, and understanding social skills. With help from the Pop N Go Playpen, you are providing safety in an enclosed space while they open up creatively. 

First It’s A Zoo, Then It’s A Spaceship

With a little (or a lot) of imagination, a play tent is so much more than just that. It’s a castle, cave, house, restaurant, zoo, salon, igloo, or spaceship; it’s anything your child wants it to be! 

Because this product simply provides a space, your child can explore their mind to their heart’s content. They can bring in new toys or put up different decorations time and time again, reinventing the space as they conjure up new stories and scenarios. The Pop N Go Playpen provides a blank slate that your kid can color in however he or she wants. 

The Right Dimensions to Explore New Dimensions

There’s a way to let your kid’s imagination run wild without them doing the same; this pop-up playard is just spacious enough to allow the most creative scenarios while providing a controlled environment. What if your little dreamer has a pal over? No worries here. Two or more kids and an unlimited number of imaginary friends can easily fit in this area. 

Measuring in at 40 inches tall and 59 inches wide, this portable playground can fit in both outside and inside environments. Do you plan on moving it around? This structure weighs an unbelievable seven pounds and can be transported very easily. If you’re taking playtime outside, this tent provides all the proper protection needed from harmful UV rays and insects. 

Imagine All Types Of Play Happening In One Place

With the Pop N Go Playpen, all of your child’s imaginary adventures can happen under one roof. They’ll love having a fort that they can call their own and you’ll love knowing that they’re fully safe.