Last Minute Christmas Shopping? A Great Gift Idea For a Family

It’s almost time for PRESENTS!!! 🎁 I must say, I’m typically a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping but this year, being stuck at home and all, I got all my Christmas gifts done early! Thank you, online shopping. Virtually shopping has become the new normal and I’m not even mad about it. 😎

However, if you are still working on some last-minute gift shopping, we’ve got quite the idea for you. The best part about this gift idea is that it’s a one-and-DONE kinda deal. Here at The California Beach Co., we’ve made it our mission to invent products that can serve in more ways than one. In this case, you can knock out an entire family's “presents” with this ONE gift! If you’re intrigued, keep on reading. 😏

How to Be Frugal When Christmas Shopping in 2020 

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of buying pointless little gifts for every single family member that I know they’ll probably use only once (if ever) and then get thrown to the wayside. 

*cue major eye roll*

This year, I wanted to be intentional with the gifts I purchased to ensure they actually were worth the money! After the year we’ve had, I don’t think anyone wants to be wasting their money on pointless things. We’ve learned as an economy that shopping small and giving back to our local communities is ESSENTIAL, and that our earnings are never guaranteed! 

If you chose to shop for the holidays, not only should you shop to support small businesses, but you should also be as frugal as possible because we clearly are living in very unpredictable times! 

Spoil A Family You Love by Gifting The Pop ‘N Go Playpen

There’s no better way to save money, shop local, and still give an awesome gift to your loved ones than shopping the Pop ‘N Go Playpen collection

If you have a big family that you still need to shop for, look no further than the Pop ‘N Go set up! You’re probably thinking, why would I gift my brother in law a playpen? This playpen is not like your average playpen. Hear us out. 

The Pop ‘N Go Playpen is perfect for the entire family. Not only is it fully functional and conveniently compact, but it’s LARGE and can be used in so many different ways. 

🎁 It weighs less than eight pounds. 

🎁 It pops up and pops down in less than a second (literally). 

🎁 It comes with a shoulder bag traveling case for easy transport. 

🎁 It’s constructed for use indoors and outdoors. 

🎁 It can serve as a clubhouse for kids and entertain them for hours, a playpen for babies and toddlers, or even a dog crate! Shoot—even parents can unwind and relax in the Pop ‘N Go! 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year Round 

Whether you have a large family to shop for or you just want to spoil your grandkids, the Pop ‘N Go is a great gift for the family. 

It’s convenient design and innovative functionality make it a HUGE HIT for parents, and kiddos LOVE to play in it! It’s just a bonus that even your pets can get some use out of it. 

Don’t miss out on the holiday sales! Purchase your Pop ‘N Go today so it can arrive before Christmas! 🎁✨🎄

Happy Holidays for The California Beach Co!