Keep Your Kids Shaded this Summer with the Pop N’ Go Playpen

Getting lots of time in the fresh air is a great way to boost overall health for you and your family. However, during the hot months of summer, it can be challenging to stay outside for longer than an hour or so without running the risk of overheating or experiencing a sunburn. Luckily, the Pop N’ Go Playpen (and the included sun shade) allows for lots of outdoor time with your kids, even on the sunniest of days. ☺️

Beach trips have never been easier…

The Pop N’ Go Playpen makes trips to the beach with kids as easy as they’ve ever been. This playpen is super lightweight and easy to set up — it literally only takes seconds! 😱 Giving you not only a safe, enclosed space for your children to play but also a shaded area where they’re protected from the sun. The best part about the Pop N’ Go Playpen is that kids love it. They will actually want to be in their playpen because it’s so comfortable and spacious, making it easy to keep them safe and shaded, rather than having to chase them all over the beach. 😎

Every Pop N’ Go Playpen comes equipped with a UV shade cover that can protect your young child or baby from getting too much sun on their body. This allows for longer days at the beach without the concern of a sunburn! 🏖👍🏼

Get the most out of your sunny days with a self-inflating mattress

If you really want to get the most out of your Pop N’ Go playpen, then pick up one of our self-inflating mattresses and a mattress cover. The self inflating mattresses fit perfectly into the bottom of the Pop N’ Go to make the playpen even more comfortable. Your little one will be super cozy while relaxing in their shady Pop N’ Go and they may even fall asleep! That’s right, the Pop N’ Go is a perfectly safe place for your baby to sleep and the self-inflating mattress makes it even more comfortable. 🙌🏼

Sunny days with kids just got easier (that is, once you get a Pop N’ Go Playpen 😉). Take your lightweight playpen anywhere with you and set it up with ease. Your baby or child will have a safe and comfortable place to play and you can sit back and relax. With the UV sun shade, you don’t even have to worry about anyone getting a sunburn and you can enjoy long sunny days at the park, beach or pool all summer long. ☀️🤗