How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

Ohh, how frustrating it can be to deal with a dog that begs. Whether you’ve been humiliated by your dog begging around guests or you’re just sick and tired of dealing with it yourself, there are a few solutions to prevent this annoying behavior for good. Below, we explain the possible reason why your dog is begging to begin with and what to do to avoid it from happening altogether. 

Why do dogs beg?

To put an end to this annoying behavior, it may be best to understand why your pet is begging to begin with. (Spoiler alert: It’s not just because they want whatever it is you have). 


You’ve got yourself an unmannerly canine. The simple truth could be that your dog just doesn’t know that begging is wrong! Perhaps you adopted your pet and their previous owner never enforced this behavior as an issue.


Another possible reason for your dog’s willingness to beg is because they used to get away with it when they were little and could woo you over with those puppy eyes. Oftentimes, our pet’s behaviors stem directly from what was acceptable from an early age. If you’ve had your pup from the start, you might be part of the reason this behavior still happens. 😬


The first reason that comes to every pet owner's mind is that the pup must be hungry! This can be true in some circumstances, but it’s no excuse for your pet to act out. However, if your pet tends to beg directly after meals, it may be that they’re not receiving enough food in their diet. 


Dogs are known for their sense of smell. Sometimes, our pets just can’t help themselves from sniffing in those delicious aromas from your fabulous cooking skills! 


On a more serious note, if your dog has anxiety or suffers from any type of GI disorder like constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, it’s possible that they are compensating for their discomfort through the act of begging.

How do you prevent dog begging? 

Well, the best way to prevent dog begging is to never allow it! Now, we understand that maybe that ship has already sailed… and that’s where we would say, then you need to avoid giving any human food to your dog at any time, no matter how whiny they get! 

If you refuse to acknowledge their begging, after much time, they will eventually realize they aren’t getting a piece of the pie. 

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

If your doggo is already stuck in their ways, don’t fret. There is still hope! Here are some tips and tricks to try at home to put the begging to rest. 

TIP #1: 
Use a baby gate to prevent your pup from getting in your dining area.

This may work if your dog isn’t too far gone when it comes to begging, but they could whine and scratch if they’ve experienced little discipline in the past. 

TIP #2: 

Crate your dog during meals and offer up a yummy bone or treat! 

Most dogs will do just about anything for a treat or yummy-smelling bone. However, if your dog hates being put in their crate, there are other “cage-like” options out there on the market! Did you know that there is such a thing as a pet playpen? Yep! Serving as a breathable tent for indoor or outdoor use, the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen could be a GREAT option to keep your dog content without feeling trapped in a cage. Check out the pet playpens here! 

TIP #3: 

Try letting your dog eat when you eat! 

If your dog is preoccupied in their meal, they’re less likely to bother you for yours! 

TIP #4: 
Avoid yelling at your furry friend. 

It’s better to redirect the behavior rather than yelling—especially, if you’ve allowed begging in the past. Dogs don’t understand exactly what we’re saying all the time so to avoid the confusion, save the yelling for when they get into the trash can. 😉

TIP #5: 
If none of these tips work, it’s time to take your stubborn pup to the vet to ensure there’s nothing more serious going on.

Canine anxiety is a real thing, as well as insufficient dieting. Allow your vet to give you a deeper, more strategic plan! 

All in all, be patient and allow these tips to work over time. It’s not going to happen overnight but your dog will get the hint eventually! We hope you find yourself eating peacefully soon! 😊

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