How to Make the Most of Your Pop N’ Go Playpen

It’s no secret that once you become a parent, keeping your life clutter-free can be a serious challenge. This is why it is so important to find kid items that are versatile, useful, and durable. 

Cue: the Pop N’ Go Playpen

Our spacious playpen is useful for all types of activities; you can set it up inside to keep your child safe at home, use it as a sun shade at the beach, and even use it as a travel crib. The possibilities are endless! 🤩 Below, we’ve listed a few tips to help you get the absolute most out of your Pop N’ Go Playpen. 

Add some sensory toys for younger babies 👶🏼

The Pop N’ Go Playpen makes the perfect space to play for younger babies. Set up some sensory toys such as a mobile, teething toys, and a mirror for younger babies. This can give them something to focus on while they relax in their Pop N’ Go and can even aid in healthy development. 

Make it cozy with pillows and blankets ☺️

Throw in some pillows and blankets to make the Pop N’ Go even more cozy. It is not recommended to leave younger babies unattended with pillows and blankets, as it can pose a safety hazard. So this is a great option for older babies and toddlers or younger babies who will be under close supervision. Forewarning, your Pop N’ Go may look so cozy that you’ll want to get in there with your little ones! Luckily there is plenty of room. 😉

Try some of our other great accessories 🙌🏼

Did you know that we offer a variety of other useful accessories?! Some of which pair perfectly with the Pop N’ Go Playpen! 

  • The self-inflating mattress is a surefire way to take your Pop N’ Go up a notch. This firm yet comfortable mattress is the perfect way to convert your Pop N’ Go to a travel crib or to simply make it even more comfortable. 👍🏼
  • ...and you can’t have a self-inflating mattress without one of our soft bamboo mattress covers. These covers fit the mattress perfectly and work to add comfort and keep the mattress protected. Not to mention, they come in a variety of neutral yet stylish colors and patterns that you and your little ones will love. 😍
  • Don’t forget to try one of our Voyager Travel Pillows. These pillows offer comfort and convenience and are ideal for travel. They fold up to ¼ their full size and are made with a natural bamboo material. 🤩✨