How to Cut Down on Screen Time This Summer

Summertime in your home might mean going on an exciting vacation together, or having family come to town to visit. Even with fun activities likely planned, summertime also often leads to a lot of extra downtime, which in turn leads to lots of extra screen time. It can feel virtually impossible to convince kids to cut down on staring at screens these days, but rest assured, it is possible (and important) to set limits. Today, we’re offering a few tips to help you cut down on screen time with your kids this summer. ☀️

Set a good example 

There’s no denying that children follow in their parents footsteps. If you want to set limits on screen time for your kids, then you’ve got to learn how to do so yourself. Try to be mindful of how frequently you’re picking up your phone or turning on the TV. Ask yourself if whatever you’re using your phone for is really necessary at that moment. Refrain from mindlessly scrolling or binge watching in front of your kids, since this definitely doesn’t set the best example. 🤚🏼

Plan intentional “screen free” times

Pick one day each week or a certain time of day when the whole house goes screen free. By sticking to a house rule for screen time, it can help set boundaries with your kids and show them that everyone in the house takes it seriously. By having some time to unplug, you and your kids will notice the benefits of looking away from the screens every once in a while and it may even motivate them to put down their electronics without having to be told to. 😎

Pick out some fun educational toys

Educational toys are a great way to keep kids busy and away from their screens. Not to mention, playing with toys can help with healthy development and may even spark your kids’ interest in a new hobby. Pick out some new, age-appropriate toys for your little ones to keep them busy this summer; they’ll be super excited to have new toys and may even forget about the TV altogether. 🙌🏼

Get out of the house together

Finding activities to keep your family busy outside of the house is a surefire way to get your kids to stop looking at screens. Head to your favorite outdoor locations such as a park, the beach, or the pool. You can also just go play in the backyard for a while. The fresh air is super beneficial for you and your kids. 🍃

This summer, put your foot down when it comes to electronic usage. Although some TV and screens are great in moderation, you’ve got to set strong limits if you want your kids to branch out and try different activities. Trust us, playing outside is way more fun anyways. 😄