Host Your Nightly Storytime Featuring the California Voyager Blanket

Many people know that the California Voyager Blanket is ideal for outdoor use, given its weather resistant design, weighted corners, included ground stakes, and the durable fabric. This blanket is a lot more versatile than most people realize, it even works well for indoor use as well. There are plenty of ways that you can cozy up with your California Voyager Blanket inside, but one of our favorites has to be using it to bond and play with your baby or toddler. Here’s what makes the California Voyager Blanket the perfect spot for storytime with your little ones. 🥰

Safe and Cozy Material

We all know that the California Voyager Blanket is made from a super durable, water resistant material, but many people don’t realize just how soft this blanket really is. Babies love to crawl around and practice tummy time on this soft material and it’s naturally derived from bamboo, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your baby to harmful or synthetic materials. 🤩

Room for the Whole Family

This spacious blanket is sure to fit everyone for a cozy and comfortable story time. With enough room for three adults, you can definitely fit both parents, older siblings, and anyone else who would like to join! 🙌🏼

Easy to Set Up and Put Away

If you live in a smaller home, you may not have much space available to have a story time area set up at all times. This makes the California Voyager Blanket the perfect solution because you can easily set it up and put it away once story time is all done. This blanket conveniently folds into an included drawstring backpack, making transport and storage an absolute breeze. 🥳

Calming Colors and Prints

You won’t have to worry about the patterns and colors of your blanket being overly stimulating for your baby right before bed time because all of the available colors are neutral and even calming. Brightly colored toys and blankets have some benefits for babies but when you’re cozying up before bed time, you’ll want to be sure to create a peaceful environment to help your little one unwind. ☺️💤

Story time is a fun tradition for families that can begin as early as the newborn days with your baby and having the perfect storytime spot can make it even better. Just grab some pillows, your favorite kids books, and your California Voyager Blanket, of course! 😉📚❤️