Help Little Ones Feel Safe in the Pop N’ Go Mini

There’s no denying that the Pop N’ Go Mini is perfect for all types of activities, children of all ages, and even for pets. 🐶🥰 So yes, this playpen is incredibly versatile and just about anyone could use one, but we always recommend the Pop N’ Go Mini for parents with young babies. Here’s why. 

The Smaller Size Makes Babies Feel Safe ☺️

This playpen is the perfect size for small babies, and it won’t only be comfortable but it will help babies feel safe and secure. The Pop N’ Go Mini combines the perfect amount of space to move around and play with a super compact design. These features make it just the right size for smaller and younger babies. 

Designed for Comfort 🙌🏼

The mesh windows and included mattress pad make this playpen super cozy, so it will be the perfect area for your baby to play, and the best part? They’ll actually want to be in it, because it’s so comfortable. Your baby will have their very own windows to look out and observe the world around them, yet they’ll still be safe and secure inside. 

Safe for Young Babies 👶🏼

The Pop N’ Go Mini was expertly designed with plenty of safety features. The safety lock and ground stakes keep the playpen in place no matter the weather conditions, helping keep your baby safe and give you peace of mind. The UV shade will also protect your baby from harmful UV rays when playing outside, allowing you to embrace the important health benefits of fresh air without the risk of sunburn. 😎

Designed with Parents in Mind 👍🏼

At the California Beach Co, we always think about families when developing our products. We don’t only want to keep children happy and safe, but we also want to make life easier for all of the parents out there (we know it’s a tough job)! 

The Pop N’ Go Mini may be perfect for babies but it’s also perfect for you. Having a safe and cozy playpen to set up for your little one allows you the ability to get out of the house more often, always having a safe space for your baby to play. With a super lightweight and easy-to-set up design, it won’t be a challenge to take this playpen with you when you’re on the go. You can even keep it in your trunk so you’ll always have a playpen on hand for spontaneous adventures. 

It’s true, you’ll always be able to find a use for your Pop N’ Go Mini, but if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll definitely want to let your little ones use it when they’re young, and don’t wait because the baby days will fly by! 😉👶🏼❤️