Giving Back When You Decide to Pop N Play

It’s a privilege to live in a safe, healthy, and happy environment. If you could give this lifestyle to others, that’s something you would want to know about it, isn’t it?
A young girl and her mother playing in the backyard with the pop n play tent

The Pop N Go Playpen that Gives Back

When you purchase your very own Pop N Go Tent, you are giving back to so much more than a Kickstarter campaign. Our intention for creating the Pop N Play was to make a better life for every family we came in contact with. 

We realize that there are some families that aren’t as financially comfortable to spend $100+ on a pop-up playpen for their children. That’s why we decided to give to families in another way… by giving back. 

The California Beach Co has proudly partnered with a local non-profit organization here in California known as Pen + Napkin. 

Giving Back: Pen + Napkin

Pen + Napkin is a 501c3-approved, California non-profit design community that furnishes and decorates homes for families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

They know the importance of having a home that feels like home- where memories can be made and comfort can be given. “When a family, or individual transitions into an empty home, they are more likely to return to homelessness, but with furniture, we see a 100% success rate of ending homeless experience in their life,” explains Pen + Napkin. “We desire to end the homeless experience in the life of every family or individual we have the privilege to serve.”
A young girl is sitting inside the Pop N Go Playpen in the backyard while mom is handing her potting soil for gardening.

A Way to Give and A Way Play

Your Pop N Go play yard purchase will not only be a joy to your little one, but it will also contribute to helping other families and children in need. Now, that’s something you could get behind, isn’t it? 

Your kids deserve to play and laugh and love, but so do others. By purchasing your very own Pop Up Play Yard, you’re giving that opportunity to others. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that because of a purchase that makes your child happy, can make the lives of others happy. 
Three small potted flowers
We encourage you to watch this amazing video that shows the direct impact Pen + Napkin is making in the community. Whenever you go to set up your playpen, you can feel good about your contribution to this incredible organization. 

Are you ready to purchase your Pop N Play portable play yard? Click here and get to shopping! 

A mother kissing her daughter from inside the Pop N Go tent in the backyard