Get Outside to Boost Your Mental Health

Getting outside and taking a nice deep breath of fresh air is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Fresh air and time spent in nature can help boost your immune system and it aids with healthy sleep. It can feel challenging to get out of the house once you have little ones on board, but The California Beach Co. and all of our practical products, makes doing what’s best for you and your family just a little bit easier. 😉

Take your Pop N’ Go to the park 🍃☀️

Find your favorite local nature reserve or park and set up the Pop N’ Go Playpen for your little ones to play in. With the included carrying case, lightweight design, easy setup, and included UV cover, the Pop N’ Go Playpen makes outdoor adventures as a family not only doable, but enjoyable.  😎

Have a picnic on your California Beach Blanket 🧺✨

The California Beach Blanket is the perfect foundation for a family picnic. The super soft fabric, pockets to stash away your valuables, and weighted corners that withstand any weather conditions, are only a few of the features that make this blanket practical and ideal for any family. You’ll have space for everyone on this gigantic picnic blanket. Stretch out, relax, and enjoy the breeze. ☺️

Get out of town with the Pop N’ Go Mini 🚙 🙌🏼

The Pop N’ Go Mini is the perfect travel accessory, given its super lightweight design and smaller size. This playpen is a smaller version of the original Pop N’ Go and is the perfect accessory to keep in the trunk of your car. Find your favorite outdoor destination that’s a few hours away and head out of town with the family for a fun-filled, outdoor day trip. 🤗

Take your Pop N’ Go Playpen camping 🏕☀️

Pick a local camping spot and spend the weekend out in nature with your family. Extended time in nature is a great way to reset and disconnect from work, electronics, and television for a few days. Everyone in your family will benefit from this and your Pop N’ Go Playpen is the perfect accessory to bring along for the little ones to hang out and play in. Throw the UV sun shade on top and add in one of our self-inflating mattresses, for the perfect outdoor, nap time spot. 💤

Wherever you go, let California Beach Co. lead the way

It can be hard to be adventurous with kids because every little endeavor feels like it requires tons of preparation. Our accessories make it easier to pack up and go when you have kiddos on board. So on your next adventure, just remember that The California Beach Co. is there for you! ☺️✨