Fun in the Sun with the Pop ‘N Go Playpen

The time has come for summer fun! As hot weather approaches, make sure your kids are playing in the sun safely. The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen serves as the perfect shelter from the heat without having to go inside. Use this functional fort in tandem with other sun protection tools to ensure your family is properly cared for in these next couple of months. 

Dad setting up the Pop 'N Go Playpen by the pool

Show Those UV Rays Who’s Boss with the Best Pop Up Playpen

As you probably already know, being over-prepared is never a bad thing when you’re a parent. We recommend having a kit of summer essentials ready to go and easily accessible for anytime you venture outside. In addition to the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen, items like sunscreen, hats, aloe vera, sunglasses, and plenty of water are key in keeping harsh rays away. 

Young boy playing in the pool

When it comes to sunscreen, a sweatproof or sports option is best. By opting for a lotion that supports activity, your kids can be free to play energetically without constant reapplying. We also suggest going for a high SPF - the phrase “better safe than sorry” definitely applies here. 

The next layer of protection should come in the form of hats and sunglasses. We tend to focus on keeping sunburns at bay; however, when it comes to hot weather, eyesight is a concern as well. If your kids are playing outside of the shade, they’ll be at risk of hurting their eyes without the necessary layers of protection. 

Little boy sitting inside the Pop N Go playpen outside

Ready, Set, Hydrate 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to drink water during the summertime. Massive amounts of it. In the summertime, we sweat more and get dehydrated quicker. Add in the million-miles-per-hour activity your kids probably partake in and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. 

That is, unless, you make hydration a top priority. Make sure your kids are taking water breaks inside their Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen frequently. By enforcing these cool-down periods, you’ll keep your kiddos from overheating and over-exerting themselves. You may have to remind your kids to slow down; however, once they find refuge in their shaded playard, they may just want to stay awhile. 

Young boy raising his hands and splashing water in the pool

Make Sure You’re Made in the Shade

One of our favorite features of the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is its UV shade cover. This add-on accessory comes in clutch without causing your kids to feel like they’re missing out. Because it’s made of light and breathable mesh, your kid will never feel like there’s a barrier between them and summer fun. 

With that said, it very effectively blocks out the harsh sun and instantly provides a shadier environment. With this cover, you’ll also be able to keep pesky insects away. Not today mosquitoes! 

A family using the Pop N Go Playpen while hanging out in the backyard by the pool

The Pop ‘N Go Tent is the Perfect Safety Net 

We’ve all been dying to get outside and the time is finally here! Just be careful of the drastic transition from staying cool inside to feeling the heat outdoors. The California Beach Co. has your back when it comes to matters of safety and fun. By having the aforementioned items on deck, you’ll be set up for success. 

With the Pop ‘N Go Playpen, you’ll feel secure knowing you can spend all day in the sun with your kids. Whether it’s serving as a place to take-five or as an all-day clubhouse, you’ll never regret bringing it along. By taking this playpen tent on your outdoor adventures, you’ll provide a literal safety net wherever you go. 

Mom throwing her son in the pool  

Be safe and have fun with the Pop ‘N Go this summer!